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by Steve MacDonald

This is a test of the new PDF embedding Plug-in.

Guidestar 2014 White Birch 990


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  • Radical Moderate

    It looks like its working fine. What is the “White Birch Community Center?”
    Did I miss something?

  • Kathleen LaBonte

    Well, that is a good document to post as a test to open a discussion about 501(c)(3) nonprofit charities (like Meals on Wheels).

    Embedded in this year’s Henniker town budget under “Community” was $62,500 (voted on today, an increase from $50,000 last year) under the ruse it is for senior citizen programs. This money gives .90 to the dollar for a White Birch employee and benefits, rent space, and other operating expenses. Insignificant amount towards activities for seniors in comparison. It doesn’t cost a dime to sit and knit, play cards, watch movies.

    From 1997-2017 taxpayers have paid $787,610.00 to a charity!!!

    Senior citizens (I’m one) can easily meet in our own community center, grange, library, or school. We can run our own program, and activities. The programs White Birch offer to the seniors are FREE, i.e. Bone Builders by Friend’s Program.

    To put this money in perspective with other towns, and just how generous our Selectboard is in doling out tax dollars raised for the INFRASTURE of this community, which is collapsing before our eyes:

    Loudon: $3000 allocated to Young At Heart Seniors to defray bus trips. They have a Board, and meet in the town community room in the Historical Society – no charge. They are given donations from families when hosts of socials after funerals at the community room. Also, often they receive donations from people that want to support their senior programming. My illustrator husband was a guest speaker, and he got a delicious home cooked luncheon for coming to speak. For my Italian husband, food is worth it’s weight in gold.

    Deerfield: zero as they do not have a formed group.

    Weare: $1,000, of which $500 goes to White Birch so they can participate in programs there. They can use some of this money for 2 meals, the rest to help pay for bus trips, and cost of event. The seniors use the town library, and go on trips organized from there.

    Hopkinton: Nothing because of revolving door of charitable money coming in and going out. It pays for itself.

    So, big spender Henniker:
    2013 $792,772 in unpaid taxes/liens
    2014 $958,254
    2915 $978,000
    2016 $1,290,288

    2915 Welfare: $1/4 of a million
    2017 Road maintenance committee report: $10-12 million in necessary road work

    I am forced against my will to contribute to a charity (about $45.00 each year) that I don’t want to contribute to. I don’t use it, will never use it, and now am forced to eliminate a charity of my choice. Government in Henniker is very generous in taking credit for my generosity. I have never personally received a thank you, and can’t even take the tax deduction.

    I want hotshot Selectboard Chair Blomback, who manages Pat’s Peak, to stop telling me we are a compassionate town and will always support White Birch, and start being a compassionate individual and suppot White Birch with $787,000 out of your own earnings.

    • See what I did there? Yes, it is an excellent document, isn’t it?

      • Kathleen LaBonte

        Steve!! Your posting this document couldn’t be more timely – not for just discussions about “local” misappropriations of tax dollars to 501(c)(3) nonprofit charities, but state and federal misappropriations as well.

        Look how everyone on social media is gnashing their teeth because Trump has caught on and is defunding NEA, PBS, etc., as well he should. Our government – local/state/federal have been doling out (redistributing) tax collected money for anything and everything but what should legally be allowed.

  • Kathleen LaBonte

    Does anyone know who I can get help from to stop this expenditure, and maybe even file charges for return of all that money??

    • It’s still on my plate I just have to figure out how to digest it all first.

  • Kathleen LaBonte

    Please also know that White Birch is considered a preschool AND community center. They are also a daycare and after school program. They further have been utilizing the Henniker Commity School for their after school programming, and pay ZERO for this usage, yet parents are paying White Birch for this service!

  • Kathleen LaBonte

    In essence, the Town of Henniker has added a person to the town payroll under a charity umbrella, and gave a $12,500 increase in budget. Salary raise?

  • Kathleen LaBonte

    Steve – the PDF test works great!!

  • Bruce J Trivellini

    all Groksters please pay close attention….Kathleen’s comments should make each and everyone of us re-exam our budget to look for things like this, in Henniker tax payers are paying for a privately owned not for profit to run our seniors program…even though we have a lot of volunteers and two town owned buildings! granted this needs to be fixed at the ballot box…but with this item is buried deep into the budget and no leadership of change…getting decades old ways of thinking to change…it becomes a daunting task. Take a longer look at your budgets to see if these types of things are happening to you in your respective towns. Thanks Steve for posting about Henniker!

    • Ed Naile

      Bruce and Kathleen:
      You town has to start including a warrant article for a private, non-profit taxpayer organization that will help Henniker taxpayers with advice and counseling about assessments, budgets, statutes, zoning, over-taxation, etc.
      For a lousy $750,000.00 I would be glad to name one you can use in next year’s Warrant. Let me use part of the Town office so I don’t have to pay rent in Concord. How would that not be a hit with Henniker voters?
      By the way. The money you gave the already wealthy White Birch Center would have bought a lot of blacktop, a new tanker, several replacement cruisers, maybe even some goodies for the fire dept.
      But then, Henniker has its priorities.

      • Kathleen LaBonte

        Ed – That $62,500 would have paid for 6 and 3/4 warrants. I am so mad. What is interesting is I, in complete lack of grace, blew up at the budget hearing where they tried to increase the donation to over $70,000, and ended up reducing it down to $62,500 – big deal.

        I have been standing up at town meeting for over 6 years about this. Remember the handwritten anonymous letter I got in the mail telling me to keep me and my high heels home?

        Forget a warrant. That takes another year!! Bruce and I will pay you ourselves to help us!!

        By the way, I’ll send you my letter to the town of how they kept information from me from the state that was received in November about a abatement hearing so Jerry and I would miss a deadline. They SHALL give me that hearing come hell or high water. Stay tuned.

        • Ed Naile

          I was kidding about including a taxpayer group BUT here is my suggestion.
          How about a little reverse treachery.
          Go to your meetings, write articles, talk to friends and suggest that ALL the gifts of taxpayer dollars to non-profits be rolled into one single bottom line?
          How about that. Then you have to vote all or none – like a town or school budget ONE choice – NO choice.
          I would guess that the White Birch Center was not the only private non-profit that got taxpayer dollars in Henniker. Some municipalities have a long list.
          Ask the Budget Committee and Selectmen to bundle them.
          See what you get for an answer.
          If you can’t beat them – mock them.

          • Kathleen LaBonte

            LOL!! Good ideas!

            Donna Green has been making great noise about opening teacher contractual negotiations to the public. I totally agree. Likewise, having a citizen committee scouring budgets monthly should be happening. The process now is disgusting, and a big anxiety.

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