Spoiled Pro-Socialist Liberals and Terrorized Venezuelans

Watch spoiled, cosseted American liberals praise the joys of socialisms in the safe environs of the United States cities.  Continue to watch the people of Venezuela’s view of socialism and what it has wrought on their country from the hellish, brutish barrios.  Oh, and keep in mind that Venezuela adopted the so-called “Democratic Socialism”– the Bernie Sanders flavor of that wretched ideology (as if there’s really any difference).

Compare one exchange with Spoiled American liberal woman:

Spoiled American liberal woman: “They are one of the most productive; the people are the happiest; they have the least amount of crime, violence”
Interviewer: “Socialist countries?”
Spoiled American liberal woman:  “Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with it in my eyes.”

To another from a Venezuelan woman who was one of the many responses when asked by the interviewer what she would say to those Americans who want to bring socialism to the United States:

“They would have to live what we are living so they can see for themselves that nothing is good, so they see this is a nightmare for us, a terror.”

Yeah, I think she knows what she’s talking about because she’s living that hell.

What is with liberals and progressives that they do not understand what they’re preaching at all? This truly baffles me. I seriously do not understand such sanctimonious, self-righteous preening coming out of mouths with minds riveted shut, kept from self-reflection and thought.  A mind vaulted away from the fresh air of ideas,  a sacred tomb for the damned ignorant.