Said the woman who called half the nation “a basket of deplorables and irredeemables”

by Skip

Hillary even lies about lyingI’m not sure if this is outright brazenness or sheer stupidity from Hillary:

On St. Patrick’s Day, she made an appearance in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where she gave a speech to the Society of Irish Women. “I’m like a lot of my friends right now, I have a hard time watching the news,” she said, stressing that people needed to work together now more than ever. “I do not believe that we can let political divides harden into personal divides. And we can’t just ignore, or turn a cold shoulder to someone because they disagree with us politically.”

“I am ready to come out of the woods and to help shine a light on what is already happening around kitchen tables, at dinners like this, to help draw strength that will enable everybody to keep going,” she added.

Can we trust ANYTHING that a Clinton says? She has shown that she’s willing to throw almost anyone under the bus and say anything to advance herself politically. But this may make at least ONE person happy:


He must be happier now that she getting out of the house…

(H/T: RightWingNews)

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