The Proper Role of Govt – we are to be “instructed”?? Treehugger says yes

Federal Govt Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020OK, this has been hanging around in my “to do” list for a long time getting a bit moldy but it, once again, shows the proclivity of Treehugger to simply accept the mantra that Govt knows best – we should comply.  Add a touch of veganism (hey, it’s Treehugger) and you get this:

…If the U.S. government doesn’t know how to instruct its citizens in how to eat properly, then it’s reassuring to know that other countries have already figured it out. Sweden and Brazil have both published excellent (and understandable) dietary guidelines in recent years. Use those instead and see how you feel in five years, when the new guidelines are due for review. Maybe by then the U.S. guidelines will have gotten with the times.

I left this as a comment:

“If the U.S. government doesn’t know how to instruct its citizens in how to eat properly”.

I find this to be a very scary premise. Yes, Govt has been issuing this info for years – and as we have seen lately, what was taken to be gospel turned out to be wrong later on. But that line makes it sound like Govt is Big Mommy and Daddy and we are children – WHY should govt even be spending our taxes doing this and then lecturing us on it? Is this truly the Proper Role of Government?

And then the comment after mine made my point way more…ummm, pointed:

JRS_ONE: When can I expect the 2016 Guideline to Wiping My Own ***? It’s urgent!

by Skip

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