Pine Tree Ramblings (Vol 1)

Pine Tree

For a few years, I was a regular, rabid contributor to this blog.  Over the past year or so, for a number of lame reasons, I haven’t been able to make the time to write more than once every few months.  My issue is that I try to make every posting a masterpiece of sociopolitical brilliance, which takes time; kudos to the other contributors, who can arrange their thoughts much more quickly.

So, in order to stay active and appease the blog Gods, I’m going to change my style and just write more stream of consciousness…

I get my inspiration from a few other bloggers, namely the authors of You Me and The After and The Woodpile Report.  I recommend a visit to these sites on a frequent basis.

Let’s see how it goes.  Slow and steady…and fewer commas.


I am a regular social media troll of our esteemed Senator, Maggie Hassan – and I trolled her when she was Governor.  I will give her some credit for her political successes but I find her to be a vapid opportunist, in addition to being a Liberal who wants to shrink my liberties and spend my money.  You can thank the 17th Amendment for her opportunism, which I will comment on in a future edition.

Last week, Maggie provided a textbook case of the ultra-hypocrisy shown by today’s Liberals.  For eight Obama years, they ignored actions that they now rail Trump for on a daily basis.  Do they really think that we don’t remember these infractions?  Are their followers really that stupid that they don’t know what took place?

Case in point:  Senator Hassan had the audacity to tweet this last week.  Funny, I’ve experienced a doubling of my healthcare premiums (paid directly as a business owner) and 5X increases in my deductibles over the past 6-8 years.  My health insurance premiums are now larger than a standard mortgage payment – and with these deductibles, this coverage is really only good for catastrophic situations, heaven forbid.

This has to be worthy of the Indignant Liberal Farce of the year award.  Shame on the 200 or so sheep who “Liked” this.

Where have you been Maggie?  Expect to see more from my trolling expeditions…

Hassan Hypocrisy



As I drive around my beloved home state of New Hampshire, I am constantly reminded why I love it here.  People are simply not afraid to openly display and express their love of Liberty.  But what really impresses me is business owners who do it, at very real risk of losing money.  Of course, I try very, very hard to patronize these special businesses whenever I can.

I’ll try to mention a few of them as I go and will be sure to point out those that are not so liberty-friendly.

I saw this in Merrimack last weekend and it absolutely warmed my heart.  I find it amazing and inspiring that others feel this way and are not afraid to say it.  I cannot agree more with the sentiment:

Business Liberty Sign