NYT – Obama Admin Wiretapped Trump Campaign

by Steve MacDonald

NY-Times-FP-012017 Trump Campaing Wiretapped

Published on Trump’s Inauguration day.

There is a growing mountain of evidence that the Obama Administration was spying on Trump and his campaign. (They spied on everyone else.) How much the Bamster or Rasputin Jarrett knew remains to be lied about extensively by the Democrat Party, the Media, and Obama insiders, outsiders, and camp followers. (They lied about Fast and Furious, ObamaCare, the IRS scandal, Benghazi, and so much more.)

I wonder who will back Barry and who will jump ship because this could get very ugly for the Democrat Party.

Or maybe they’ll just keep blaming it on the Russians.

H/T Rush Limbaugh.com

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  • Jim Johnson

    One big lie after another Obama’s true legacy. The only thing he told the truth about was he wasn’t going to go away. obviously, Obama’s 2 terms were to cause as much damage on the country as possible. Anarchy and lawlessness were the order of the day while O golfed and partied with 60’s & 70’s terrorists and Hollywood elite. Gonna be hard putting the Jeanie back in the bottle. God bless President Trump and the U.S.A.

  • Ed Naile

    The biggest story since Hillary Clinton stole 900 FBI files.
    Watch as liberal Democrats and John McCain go silent until they are handed new focus group tested talking points.
    PLEASE lefties, tell us all about this now, not after the talking points memo.
    Take a chance.

  • Holy smokes….COONS!
    Ix-nay on the ranscripts- tray!!!!!

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