The “No Soros Money In New Hampshire” Fairy Tale – Revisited!

by Steve MacDonald

George Soros

George Soros

Soros money has been a topic of interest here, with regard to vote-fraudsters in particular. It reminded me of a post I wrote about Soros money in New Hampshire that I thought worthy of revisiting that opened with this,

I can picture the ruling class progressives telling a bedtime story to their one, adopted, Eastern-European, designer-child about the evil Koch Brothers and how they used their ‘dark-money’ magic to battle the brave Obama and his Knights of the redistribution round table. Obama wanted to help the peasants create a workers paradise with wage equality and free contraception but the Koch’s, leading their army of TEA Partiers, just wanted…. You can finish it. Another fairy tale told by New Hampshire Democrats is the absence of money from the pockets of currency manipulator George Soros.Steve MacDonald

Who in NH Gets Soros Money? Keep Reading 


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  • Radical Moderate

    Thank you Steve, for having the testicular fortitude to post about the D-Bag Soros. One day, your postings will be looked at the same as those ‘hand bills’ that took a literary stand against the British Crown during our Revolution or against the Vichy French.
    Of course the Snowflakes have no clue about these seminal points in Human history.

  • Tim from Nashua

    Lest we forget, George Soros also was a Sugar Daddy to ‘Main St. Republicans like Charlie B(ass).

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