Master Level Bill and Chelsea Trolling

by Skip

Master Level Bill and Chelsea Trolling

This will be fun to see her run rate and if it collapses to just a few sources (e.g., the Clinton Initiative buying loads).So, she went from being a failed journalist at $600K/yr (I saw her a couple of times on TV – talk about being stiff and uncharismatic) to now to being an Expedia Board of Directors at $250/year and $250K of stock options?  All on the basis of a childrens’ book where she can already be charged with plagiazing right from the get-go (re: Mitch McConnell on Elizabeth Warren).

BTW, what is Expedia thinking:

  • Hillary is going to run for Prez in 2020 and WIN??
  • Chelsea is going to run <insert office here: Congress, Senate, PRE??)

Sorry, but I haven’t seen a whit of any kind of success from her.  But hey, Obama was failing downward until the Chicago coterie of Communists started shoving him upward…

But the “She Resisted” is just masterful, just masterful

(H/T:  TWitter)

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