Introducing The Biden Institute

by Steve MacDonald

Joe Biden

C’mere and pull my finger.

When I heard that the University of Delaware was the home of the new Biden Institute my first thoughts were plagiarism and hair plugs. Spelling and communications (Malarky!)? Creepy groping? Nope! The Biden Institute will explore, according to Biden, “a whole range of things that have no ideology attached to them.

How does a guy pretend to be Obama’s Vice President for eight years and still think that Democrats believe anything is non-ideological?

The answer is, he has no idea what ideology means.

“I think that the public is so sick and tired of the sort of political carnage going on,” [Biden] added. The Institute is a new research and policy center focused on domestic issues including economic reform, environmental sustainability, criminal justice and civil rights. Biden will be the founding chair of the Institute, which will be part of UD’s School of Public Policy and Administration.

While you scratch your head and ask how those things are not partisan use that lens to view this.


Biden stressed that the institute will be nonpartisan. “It is not going to be a political organization trying to challenge Trump policy,” he told a crowd of about 200 people.

Secretly Biden thinks he’ll be teaching what happens to grandpa after he says “c’mere and pull my finger.”

It’s the Biden Insta-toot!

ABC News c/o Legal Insurrection

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