Indiana Voter Registration Project

by Ed Naile

Search_warrant__Indiana_Voter_Registrati_0_49298243_ver1.0_640_480Here is another voter registration project by another gang of thirty-something revolutionaries trying to drag America into a socialist Utopia. This one is called The Indiana Voter Registration Project. No one knows who funds them. No one has seen a website. They had not registered with the State of Indiana when they were served with search warrants by the Indiana State Police in September of 2016.

Here is one of the first local stories about the Dark Money group. The probe had expanded from two counties to nine by the time this Breitbart story hit the press.

Here is another update about The Indiana Voter Registration Project by Fox News where by October 16, 2016, the investigation by State Police had expanded to 56 counties.

Trying to find out who funds this left-wing voter registration organization is difficult, but a few names are mentioned. One person who admits being associated with IVRP is Cristy Setzer, the organization’s spokesman who offers this little detail.

Who the heck is Cristy Setzer anyway? I know she claims to be a “Democrat strategist” on Fox News. Here is a clip of the always smirking Cristy explaining that out of a billion votes cast only about 30 cases have ever been found. That nonsense comes from a Vassar College “professor” I will write about later. So Cristy is (basically) a talking-points robot and apologist for a dark money voter registration scam in Indiana.

Another guy at IVRP HQ’s gave a name and state he was from in reporters. His name is Karim Aziz, of New Jersey. That pegs it.

But the key guy running this voter registration drive is Craig Varoga who is a longtime political operative of the Left. He has been involved in many campaigns and dozens of organizations. He has a number of operations that use any combination of the word, patriot, USA, organization, or whatever, on a case by case basis. His funding comes mostly from unions, but not all of it is open to the public. He graduated from Princeton and was here in NH working on the last Shaheen campaign. Not much is on the net about him since Indiana.

Here is what I can glean from the Indiana investigation with what I have learned from documenting voter fraud for so long.

This past election was “do or die” for the American socialists. They had the perfect, but lousy, candidate and much of what we call the “deep state” was already in place from eight years of Obama. Clinton had at least a billion campaign dollars that we know of to spend, as well as the smartest Ivy League ner-do-wells anyone could ask for. Her dirty task force was spread all over the country. Turnout was the key.

In Indiana, that means the black vote. And that is what the Indiana Voter Registration Project, Patriot USA, and dozens of sub-groups were out to get.

There is a mention in one news story about the concerns the new Indiana Secretary of State (The last was convicted of voter domicile fraud.) had about their computerized statewide database being altered.

It appears there were thousands of alterations of information on the Indiana website which were questionable. Along with questions about some of the actual paper voter registrations having been altered to include incorrect information.

Maybe there was an effort by outsiders to change information on the statewide database by people who had enough specific information about each voter to do just that. I would guess that is what the police mean by it will take a long time to investigate. In fact, this might be the first of its kind of voter fraud if that proves true. I have provided the Indiana website for reference.

This investigation of large-scale voter registration fraud just began in October of 2016. We will have to wait for updates. Obviously, with a new administration, there is hope this will be resolved.

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