Given the ideological “quality” of Google’s “quality raters”, I predict lowered rankings

by Skip

for both the ‘Grok and most conservative websites that are willing to discuss and give rational dissent on political and Political Correctness issues, once again we all are going to take it where it hurts – inbound hits.

The new “upsetting-offensive” flag instructs quality raters to “flag to all web results that contain upsetting or offensive content from the perspective of users in your locale, even if the result satisfies the user intent.” So even if the results are what the person searched for, such as white supremacist websites, they could still get flagged. But it doesn’t mean the results won’t show up at all when someone searches for them.

I’ve seen this over and over these past years.  Google changes it algorithms and the hits go up and the hits go down.  At least in the beginning, most of us understood that tweaking was being done concisement overall (but I do remember the day I discovered we went from 5000 hits / day to a few hunderd – OUCH!  Good thing we have NEVER written for the rankings – just for the pure fun of it!).

Now, given how much Google went all in for Obama, Hillary, and the Democrat Party as well as reading stories of what the make up of these “quality raters” (hint: no, it’s not your Right hand, it’s your OTHER hand..), most of us expect the cliff drop.  And at the bottom of that fall will be…

…a silencing by other means.

(H/T: Fox 5 via Liberty Unyielding)

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