Earful? Mine might be rather short with the letters F and OU having a prominent place

by Skip


Under a political advocacy campaign launched Wednesday, a coalition of physician groups will tell the public that their health is threatened by catastrophic man-made global warming, also called climate change.


Gaia help any doctor that asks me questions or lectures me, because they will be getting an earful asking them what they’ve done in their own lives, what they drive, what kind of house they have where they go on vacation, if they have a second vacation home, if they use air conditioning, what temp they keep it at, if they have an ice maker, if he/she plays golf, and so forth. Right before walking out and telling him/her to stick their bill in their you know where.

Same deal with the “public health epidemic of guns” – none of your business because most of you, like most journalists, hardly know the first thing about gun safety and nomenclature.  Sorry, you get paid for real health problems – epidemics consist of spreading biological diseases (e.g. germs, viruses, et al); redefining “political” as being “healthcare” related will also get me to start asking you rather pointed political questions for you to prove to me if your political knowledge matches your MD degree.

Because if you are treating guns as a disease, I will light you up as a political snake and oil guy trying to charge my insurance for stuff you’re ignorant of because you were knowledgeable, you wouldn’t be asking.

My doctor, however, knows better.  It is what happens when he retires (and that would be soon) that I might have some fun.

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  • No worries: once Trump takes away our health insurance, and once he cuts funding for all public health programs, none of us will have doctors anymore anyway.

    • Ed Naile


    • granitegrok

      So, you’ve just outed yourself as a parasite, eh Timothy? Can you not do ANYTHING for yourself? Used to be that self-reliance was a virtue but you seem to believe, with that statement, that if we all can’t suck at the teat of Government, nothing good can happen.
      What IS the matter with you?? Or is it that you TRULY lack the skills to do for yourself? Stupid and helpless – not a good way to be.

    • 175jfs

      Uh? Have you tried the phonebook under Physicians?

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