Data Point – 2017 Federal Budget

Remember to put this into context – we, as a country, are $20 Trillion in the hole: $61,000/person.  Already, Statists everywhere are doing the “Every dollar is sacred; people will DIE if programs are cut!!!!” dance, shimmy, and screaming meemies.

Get used to it.  You want some of these programs (like the National Endowment for the Arts (re: Christ in a jar of urine)?  Ante up and pay for the arts yourselves – and a whole lotta programs that do things that are NOT in the list of limited enumerated powers.

2017-Fed Budget

What also grinds me is that 73% marked as “Mandatory” isn’t.  It is simply the road to unsustainability as politicians of both stripes that won’t touch the “Entitlement Rail”.  It’s a lie – what is established by Legislation can be modified by more Legislation or can be killed off by the same.  But they won’t – they value their power and seats more than stopping this country from going over the financial cliff.  The Fed is in the process of raising interest rates – the debt SERVICE is going to explode.  It is already the #4 budget item – if rates go up, it will rival SS, Medicare, Medicaid, and every other freebie.

And then swallow them all.  Then there will be nothing at all for anything.(H/T: RedState)