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Costs of Health Care, College Tuition vs. Cell Phones, Televisions

As the GOP-ers are bandying on about the new health care plan which looks remarkably like the old health care plan which was decried by the same people pushing the new health care plan, I thought I’d toss this out for some to chew on.

Below is a nice instructive graphic from a few years ago illustrating the cost to Americans on various sectors over a period of time, 2005-2014, I believe.  (I saw it on Twitter, but chased down a nice analysis  here.)  Some sectors, in green, have costs shooting off the top of the graphic like the one for safe-space, tolerance free-zones where you can get credentialed in group think snowflake studies or be booted off  campus.  Other sectors, in red, have some prices plummeting like Hillary’s chances on election night after Pennsylvania blushed red.  Guess what one of the main the differences is between the green items and the red items.  (Hint: one contains something that rhymes with bubsidized).


As Cato’s Daniel Mitchell points out, the chart is  “an excellent opportunity to show that sectors of our economy that are subsidized (mostly by third-party payer) are the ones plagued by rising prices.”



I wonder if the wizards in Washington know about this byproduct of subsidization?  Actually, no I don’t.  They do. And don’t care.  How so much changes, but remains the same.