The Oscars, Chelsea Clinton, Global Warming

by Steve MacDonald

podcast-radioI was fooling around with laptops and microphones and surfing the internet and figured, why not combine these distractions. The Oscar Ratings are in, Chelsea Clinton Tweets, and something new about global warming and snow. (90 seconds)

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  • Bruce Currie

    More climate science “chuckles” based on willful ignorance and a blinkered ideology:

    “The counterintuitive finding, published today in the journal Nature Climate Change, could have widespread implications for water supplies, ecosystem health, and flood risk…When snowmelt shifts earlier in the year, the snow is no longer melting under the high sun angles of late spring and early summer,” said NCAR postdoctoral researcher Keith Musselman, lead author of the paper. ‘The Sun just isn’t providing enough energy at that time of year to drive high snowmelt rates’… Musselman first became interested in how snowmelt rates might change in the future when he was doing research in the Sierra Nevada. He noticed that shallower, lower-elevation snowpack melted earlier and more slowly than thicker, higher-elevation snowpack. The snow at cooler, higher elevations tended to stick around until early summer — when the Sun was relatively high in the sky and the days had grown longer — so when it finally started to melt, the melt was rapid…Musselman wondered if the same phenomenon would unfold in a future climate, when warmer temperatures are expected to transform higher-elevation snowpack into something that looks much more like today’s lower-elevation snowpack. If so, the result would be more snow melting slowly and less snow melting quickly.”

    • 175jfs


      • Bruce Currie

        Exactly. “Don’t confuse me with the facts.”

        • Ed Naile

          Mussleman has been completely debunked as a flunky for Halliburton, Steve Bannon, and Russian spies.

        • 175jfs

          No Currie. You put people to sleep trying sell global warming. You’d starve as a used car salesman. Be glad you’re on the dole.

          • Bruce Currie

            There’s no need to “sell” the facts on climate change. They’re becoming more and more apparent to most. It’s those who continue to accept the lies of the deniosphere who are being “sold”.

          • 175jfs

            If you weren’t on the public dole, you’d STARVE. Try house painting, good money, plenty of fresh air, no being laughed at.

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