Fergus Cullen Want’s A Vote Fraud Bus? We’ll Give Him One.

by Steve MacDonald

keene 003 VTEdited from the original posted March 21, 2014

In November 2012 there was some vote fraud. I know Democrats (including Democrats registered as Republicans) are denying it, but it is true. People who should not have voted from inside and outside the swing state of New Hampshire came here and voted, again. Democrats conspired and planned it, statewide. (And now Republicans are helping them cover it up.)

Shuttle “buses” with Massachusetts and Vermont license plates, were seen traveling back and forth to Keene, New Hampshire polling places painted with the Obama Logo.

keene 004 Premier COACH keene 005 VT Driver






This is a very nice motor-coach registered in Vermont. You can see the plate, the DOT registration, and the driver. The artwork and handwritten text are repeated on a multi-seat vehicle from Massachusetts, parked right next to it.   I blotted out the plate number, but you can see the state if you click the image (not that the crappy parking doesn’t give it away).

keene 000 MA keene 001 MA

Thanks to Ed Naile for the pics!

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  • Don

    Here is video of them bussing in out of stater’s to our polls. Notice the Democrat town councilman think it’s hilarious they are getting away with massive voter fraud. The bus in the video has an Obama decal on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juk9IAYzzAw

    • Ed Naile

      The guy with the yellowish beard electioneering is former professor Julian Smith.
      He is so full of himself he couldn’t help talking to the children in line.
      50% of these kids are out of state tuition students..

      • Bruce Currie

        Like it or not, what you are quick to label as “fraud’ is the fact that college students are exercising their right as citizens to vote in a presidential election in the state where they live while they attend school. http://www.brennancenter.org/how-vote-2016

        • Don

          Bruce Currie the Progressive Parot they are definately not citizens. Citizens don’t have out of state driver’s licenses, a legal address in another state, and don’t pay out of state tuition. Even an idiot aught to be able to figure that out.

      • Don

        More than 50%…I spoke with UNH students and professors were actively lobbying out of staters and even out of country students that they needed their votes most here. This should be against the law at at least a state funded college.

      • Don

        The out of state students bussed to NH polls more than accounted for Hillary’s win. Trump won among people who actually live here.

    • Bryan W

      I can’t see any video. Did something happen to it?

      • Don

        Not sure why the video is still posted.

  • Radical Moderate

    This is all well and good but the enemy will perform all sorts of contortions to explain it way. The only thing that will rectify this is a full scale US Justice Department investigation with subpoena powers using only investigators that have been politically vetted. The threat of prison time for those college snowflakes will make them smarten up real fast. Use the same tactics they used to go after the Mob..squeeze one rat until they give up the next rat. As a matter of fact..the perfect guy to put in charge of the investigation is Rudolph Giuliani.
    Give no quarter to our enemy because as we have seen with our own eyes they are violent and mean to kill us if they get the chance.

    • kervick

      The DOJ is going to be busy.

    • Bryan W

      You don’t have to threaten them with jail time. Just tell them if they want to establish domicile, they have to do what everyone else does and get a drivers license or non-drivers id in NH.

      • Radical Moderate

        You do if you want to follow the chain to the top to jail the organizers. That’s the goal of pressuring the snowflakes. The ancillary effects of such a threat (even if not carried out) are many.

        • Bryan W

          I get it now. Thanks for clarifying. I was too focused on my world. 🙂

          • Ed Naile

            Rad Man is correct. It is a small but important point missed by most people.
            If you actually charged students, they would offer a defense.
            Next you will find out if they were talked into or pressured to vote. After all these are not adults.
            A name keeps popping up and you have the problem solved – from the top down.
            No one knows this better than the NH AG. And that is why they will not prosecute.
            We know who does stuff like that – see: Yellow Beard, the electioneering professor for examples of how low a person will stoop to win an election.

  • mer
    • Ed Naile

      In this article they say that this type of voter fraud is rare.
      How would they know?
      NO state gives up the green card/driver’s license, voter list willingly. But they have to surrender that mandatory list upon a written request by the US Attorney – if they keep it.
      Every state has to, by law, check green card holders for illegal voting when they renew their driver’s license.
      I have gotten several emails from other sources that say Jerry Brown just ordered California’s lists destroyed two weeks ago. There has been no major media story about that yet.
      I would bet that would be the very first advice form Eric Holder to Jerry Brown.

  • Jim Johnson

    Fergus Cullen is a RINO’s, RINO. So Jenny “Poo” Horn for that matter. I’m sick of legitimate concerns being dismissed by the likes of McCain, Graham, Rubio & Mr. Speaker Paul ‘TRAITOR” Ryan. I did not need the Russians to tell me to vote for Trump.

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