“Day of No Immigrants” – did anyone really notice much?

by Skip

Open BordersFrankly, it didn’t affect me at all.  In fact, if I hadn’t read about it, I wouldn’t have known about it.

Today was supposed to be the “Day of No Immigrants” – the usual assortment of illegal immigrant marches and rallies, businesses closing in “solidarity”.  Yep, once again, Progressives and the Left just snotting all over the Law (reformatted, emphasis mine):

As workers strike and restaurants shutter Thursday in support of immigrants, organizers of Washington, D.C.’s “Day Without Immigrants” protest are demanding much more than an end to President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. Stores and restaurants nationwide remained closed Thursday or sold only limited food and products to show support for immigrants and showcase how migrants are integral in the U.S. economy and everyday life.

And in the nation’s capital, strikers — which are “predominantly immigrant,” according to organizers — plan to march to the White House around noon following a morning gathering of food, music and information about immigrant rights.

Missed opportunity for ICE is my thought. Anyways, once again we see an emphasis of “Illegal Aliens Rights” – but nothing about something that today’s political culture seems to have forgotten: Personal Responsibilities.  Oh sure, LOTS is said about Responsibility but more along the idea of what OUR Responsibility is to them.  Screw that – if you are breaking the Law, I, nor anyone else, owe you nothing.

And just like the skulls full of mush that onsider themselves “smart” simply because they’re on campuses, we have the same demands (really – illegals are DEMANDING stuff from the rest of us?  Again, screw you): “A Facebook event page for the District protest included a litany of demands from those protesting”:

Join us to demonstrate the power of the immigrant community!

As immigrants, we demonstrate our resistance to the racist and anti-immigrant policies of the President.

As immigrants, we demonstrate the urgency of the moment to our mayor and our Councilmembers, whose duty is to guarantee that DC has a broad sanctuary policy for all immigrants and residents.

As immigrants, we demonstrate our power with our resistance!

Come to La Casa in Mount Pleasant (3166 Mt Pleasant St NW) from 10am – 12pm to share food, music, Know Your Rights information, and prepare for the march in the afternoon.

The march will leave La Casa at 12pm, gaining forces on our way to the White House! The morning gathering will be a predominantly immigrant space. All allies are welcome to the march at 12pm!


Seriously, we’ve become a nation that are going to give into law breakers and those that should not be here?  We’re supposed to be letting THEM drive the bus?  Chutzpah at the minimum.

– ICE out of DC – no ICE presence and declining of all ICE detainer/notification requests;

Well, I’m in favor of moving all of the various departments out of the DC area and spreading them all over the nation – that’ll get the bureaucrats out of the DC bubble and out amongst “the folks” and hopefully start diluting their power.  What these nitwits are demanding is that we stop enforcing the law.  Gee, how many hellholes did they come from BECAUSE there was no Rule of Law?

Sorry, if the Law applies to me, it applies to you too.  All of it – the Law is not written to pick and choose.  It shows a remarkable lack of knowledge and respect of how our legal system works.  And that, too, is another reason for ICE to swoop in.

– If we lose our federal funds for being a sanctuary, the local government must make up the difference;

So, let’s see if I’m getting this right – if our location decides to flout our laws because of you, we’re supposed to go “oh, ok – here, clean out our wallets”?

– Immediately pass and fully fund the Language Access for Education Amendment Act of 2015 so that all limited and non-English speaking District residents can access DC resources;

Umm, how about YOU pay for your own English lessons – my grandparents did when they LEGALLY immigrated from Sweden.  Are you that lazy?

– Stop unchecked police violence committed against immigrants, including Black people and all people of color;

One of those generalized things that has to be in every list of demands nowadays – no list of demands is complete without it even if your protest has nothing to do with this issue.

– Remove undocumented mark from DC drivers’ licenses;

The word is illegal, not undocumented.  Is this such that it is “The easier to vote against real citizens, my pretty?”.  Hey, you all are “Loud N Proud” today – how come every other day you just want to sneak around?  But the fact that local governments are boosting illegals for drivers license shows me how unhinged the Left’s political logic has become.  Once again, if YOU can choose what law you do not wish to follow or enforce, pretty soon, many of us law abiding citizens on the Right are going to start doing the same.  You may not like the outcome.

– That there is no discrimination against Muslims and that DC does not support the creation of a Muslim registry or specialized surveillance of these communities;

Shall we start a list of the radical Mosques, many supported by Saudi Wahabist oil money, that DO need to be watched? Or are you down with what comes out of them?

– Not one unjust firing of anyone who chooses to participate in the Day Without Immigrants.

No one really thought before typing this one up, eh?  In this case, if you are illegally here, it WOULD be completely “just”-ified – you broke the law and put your employer at risk.  If the Law is enforced, the employer could be in really Deep Sneakers and could lose it all.  WHY would they do that and put their families at risk?

If I was an employer again and had this show up, I’d give the employee a choice: show up for work as scheduled or not.  Now guess what my decision will be after your decision becomes known?

(H/T: The Blaze)

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