Trump Thrives off Media Hostility

by Steve MacDonald

It’s going to be a fun few years.

Trump thrives off of media hostility, and the more hostile — and the less defensible — the better. It allows him to portray himself as the victim of a stilted establishment. It fires up his supporters. It keeps the debate on terrain that is familiar and favorable to him — whether or not he is being treated “fairly” — and allows him to adopt his ­preferred posture as a “counterpuncher.”

We know that as long as Trump is President the Media and the Democrats will work together to advance an endless barrage of daily attacks and narratives. But they’ve been at that since he stepped onto the primary stage, often with the help of Republicans. And yet here we are.

So. Four years of watching Trump tear down the fourth estate. That sounds like a good time if you ask me. And maybe, just maybe, the media will manage to do some actual reporting instead of working as the PR arm of the Democrat Party.

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