Trump Press Secretary Takes Media To Task On ‘Fake News’

by Steve MacDonald

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This isn’t the Bush Administration. They aren’t going to let ‘sleeping media dogs lie.’ And that’s fine. We already know the progressive press is going to go all out to cover, uncover, and report every move any Republican Administration makes, doubly so with Trump. We’ll get to measure the media, the pushback, and the media’s reporting of the pushback.

Or lack of reporting on the pushback.

Just be careful you don’t get too attached to enjoying the pushback. The media fawned over Obama and covered for him. Don’t be like them.

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  • Bryan W

    I cringed when I saw this. The bust issue – ok, I get it. The attendance issue – it’s a non-story. I get that someone tweeted a cropped picture, and a local news station said 250k, which got repeated. It’s sloppy, but noone else cared. I don’t care how many people were there – it doesn’t matter.

    Trump and Spicer made it a story, and the biggest point of the story is that Spicer ditched his credibility in the process. Not a good start.

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