Old Sanctimonious Liberal White Lady Scolds Deplorable Then Gets Escorted Off Plane

Wooo hoo!!  The liberal freak out continues.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

An old sanctimonious liberal white lady expressed her disdain for the person sitting next to her on a plane.  She didn’t like that he was in Washington D.C. to attend President Trump’s inauguration and not to participate in the very weird, disjointed temper tantrum the sore losers threw the next day.  So she did what the old sanctimonious liberal white ladies who dominate the leadership of the Democrat party do: berate the irredeemable deplorable.

Lucky for us the deplorable, Scott Kotesky, recorded some of it.  Including the bit where the old sanctimonious liberal white lady (OSLWL) was escorted off the plane to the cheers of the other passengers.  There are some funny parts. Like her saying that he was “invader of her space” because you know, he’s a deplorable and she’s a OSLWL so… she gets to choose.  Then when confronted by the flight attendant she tells the flight attendant that she would like the deplorable to change seats, the flight attendant’s response is classic.  Lastly, watch the OSLWL’s husband.  It’s like he’s comatose during the exchange with the flight attendants and then finally when he’s getting his stuff from the overhead you can tell he’s pissed but not pissed enough to say anything that might off the OSLWL.  Probably, a wise move.

These next four years are going to be hilarious.