Obamacare – killing off rural hospitals

by Skip

abandoned-hospitalSHOT: Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell on Republicans repealing Obamacare:

She added that some rural or community hospitals will “have to shrink or even shut down if they can’t count on funding through Medicaid,” which was expanded under the law.

CHASER: Ummm, I guess she doesn’t know history:

Since 2010, rural hospitals have been put out of business at a rate of one a month.

Just another way to implement the HUD / DOT / EPA Sustainable Communities Initiative (aka “Rack and Pack)?  Making healthcare great again – but only in urban areas.

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  • Herb

    At least tell the truth. Obamacare has been keeping the rural hospitals open by expanding Medicaid. The hospitals that are in trouble are mostly in the south where the states did not support Obamacare.

    Southern states have especially high rates of vulnerability when compared to their total number of rural hospitals. States in this region with high rates of vulnerability include Mississippi (79 percent), Louisiana (58 percent) and Georgia (53 percent). Many of these hospitals are closing because they care for people with no insurance not because of Obamacare

    “According to a study from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, within six months of expanding Medicaid services, states experienced a 50 percent drop in care administered to patients without health insurance. “In expansion states, we see exactly what we would expect to happen after Medicaid became available to more people,” said Sayeh Nikpay, MD, lead author of the study. “Even in these early months, the shift from uninsured to Medicaid contrasts sharply with the steady demand for uninsured in non-expansion states. This has implications for the financial status of hospitals,” he said.”

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