The NH State Senate Passed Right to Work Yesterday

by Steve MacDonald

Right to work states in US

Image c/o NHPR

Right to Work (RTW) has passed the State Senate and moved on to the New Hampshire House. I learned this while walking past the newspaper stand leaving Wal-Mart today. The Nashua Telegraph lead their report with the words, “Senate passes so-called right to work…”

So-called Right to Work. I laughed out loud.

Yeah, it’s the Nashua Telegraph being the Nashua Telegraph. But it made me wonder. How did other media in New Hampshire lead the story?

(Union Leader) The state Senate voted 12-11 Thursday to approve legislation that would prohibit collective bargaining agreements requiring employees to contribute to a labor union.

(NHPR) The New Hampshire Senate has narrowly approved a bill to limit the power of unions to charge non-members for representation.

(NH1) A much argued over right to work bill cleared its second hurdle in New Hampshire’s legislature.  After an hour and a half of debate, the state Senate voted 12-11 on Thursday to pass the bill, which would prohibit public and private sector unions from charging non-member employees fees for negotiating on their behalf.

SeacoastOnline – (AP) Right-to-work legislation that targets unions cleared an early hurdle Thursday in the New Hampshire legislature, winning approval from the state Senate.

(WMUR) Right-to-work legislation that targets unions cleared an early hurdle Thursday in the New Hampshire Legislature, winning approval from the state Senate.

Neither the Concord Monitor nor the Keen Sentinel could bring themselves to report on it. A search of both sites produced no results on yesterday’s vote. There was nothing at the Laconia Daily Sun either. Not yet.

But the Telegraph stands alone. No one else called it so-called right to work. We did get a hurdle, and a narrowly, which are accurate.

The AP Language, which was also used by WMUR, suggests to me that the unions are more important to them than workers, which is probably correct.

But they could just as easily have called it a bill that targets mandatory union dues collection by giving workers a choice instead of forcing it on them.

However you report it, RTW is one step closer to becoming a reality with a Republican governor who has said he sign it into law.

I can’t wait to read that “news” from New Hampshire’s “so-called” media


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