NH Bill Would Allow Smoking in Privately Owned Public Places

by Steve MacDonald

Girl Smoking

Image Credit: Taylor Aleks

The New Hampshire Legislature is considering a bill that would allow smoking in privately owned places where the public congregates at the discretion of the property owner.

HB 279 would “…makes changes to the indoor smoking act.  Under this bill, smoking would not be prohibited in public conveyances which are privately owned, restaurants, grocery stores, and cocktail lounges.  

Private property owners who interact with the public could decide whether or not it suits their business interests to allow smoking. The general public would be free to frequent them or not.

This is clearly a property rights issue but will the Jaspercrats back it? Can it get through the State Senate? Would Gov. Sununu sign it?

H/T Bart Fromuth/Facebook.

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  • Bruce Currie

    Seriously? This bill is a joke and its sponsors a disgrace. It has a snowball’s chance of passing–and deservedly so. This is much more than a “property rights” issue, given that it would allow patrons to pollute “privately owned” air. It uses the same twisted logic used to justify segregated facilities in the South. Property rights do not trump human rights–except apparently in the minds of those who think like 19th century slave-holders.

  • Leona Jean

    This was brought to the House by Senator Hull, what .a joke…
    In 2015, SB 169 was brought to the
    House on smoking in a vehicle with children under the age of 18. So let’s get this straight, the parent is fined $100.00 for smoking in their private car with their child. Now this same parent goes into a private restaurant and smokes in front of the same child, no fine , it’s ok… NOW TELL ME OUR LEADERS ARE THINKING WITH THEIR HEADS? What a joke…

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