When Nations Refuse To Take Back Their Criminal Illegal Aliens – Strip Their Foreign Aid

Jean-Jacques, Illegal criminal alien who murdered Casey Chadwick

Most American’s probably agree that illegal aliens who commit crimes should be sent home after they get out of prison. What they don’t know is that if the host country refuses to take them, the illegal alien is let loose on American streets, often to commit new crimes. But that could change. One Congressman is suggesting that uncooperative nations be stripped of US aid if they refuse to repatriate these individuals.

(Judicial Watch) The proposed bill (Criminal Alien Deportation Enforcement Act of 2017) upholds the rule of law, the congressman says, and holds these countries accountable by stripping their foreign aid and travel visas if they fail to cooperate. Besides withholding money to uncooperative countries that refuse to take back their criminal alien nationals, the measure includes a mandate that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) submit to Congress a report every three months listing those nations. It also provides the victims of crimes committed by criminal aliens standing in federal court to sue for deportation of such criminal aliens.

Even Sanctuary friendly Connecticut senses there is a problem after just such an individual stabbed 25-year-old Casey Chadwick to death in Norwich. The killer, an illegal from Haiti, had just completed a 15-year sentence for a previous murder. He will now serve another 25-60 years in an American prison.

Does anyone else think that Casey died so her Haitian killer could live a better life in a US prison than free inHaiti?

Judicial Watch