My Apologies

Maybe Saturday Night Live is relevant.

Every Sunday and Monday several conservative media outlets report what was on Saturday Night Live, as though it is news. Why not National Lampoon or Doonesbury as well? SNL ran past its natural lifespan a decade ago. Network TV life support keeps it going just like they do with kids shows and recording studios do with Madonna albums. The number of children entering the market annually supplies enough fresh viewers for formula programs and it would cost too much to keep inventing new shows, so they stick with what hobbles along. I get that.

But in the case of a “talented” comedian who took a cheap shot at Barron Trump we are finally seeing something worthwhile on SNL – since Sarah Palin was a guest and knocked their pathetic ratings out of Nielson Park.

This “talented” comedian apologized for disrespecting Barron Trump. That is highly unusual in the world of progressives. Here is the real, unabashed, sincere, apology from what’s her name:

“I sincerely apologize for the insensitive tweet. I deeply regret my actions & offensive words. It was inexcusable & I’m so sorry.”

I am quite surprised, almost shocked. A real apology like this could get a limp-wristed liberal kicked out of entertainment forever. All true knee-jerk liberals know they have nothing to apologize for. It is not in their nature.

Let’s take a look at Fake news creator, Zeke Miller, “apologizing” for stating in a widely distributed tweet that President Trump ditched the MLK bust the day he took office – when in fact it was simply out of Miller’s sight. Why this turd was allowed in the White House in the first place is a puzzle. In any case, here is the apology tour he offered after being caught selling a fabricated story:

#1. Tweeting again: wh aide confirms the MLK bust is still there. I looked for it in the oval 2x & didn’t see it. My apologies to my colleagues

8:41 PM – 20 Jan 2017

#2. This is on me, not my colleagues. I’ve been doing everything I can to fix my error. My apologies.

8:56 PM – 20 Jan 2017

Time Magazine’s contributor, Zeke Miller, apologized to his “colleagues.”

See the difference? We, the intended targets of Zeke Miller’s alternative fact about the MLK bust are not owed an apology, nor is the Trump Administration. No, only his fellow travelers get that honor. This is why seeing another entertainer apologize for something she tweeted which was, in her own words, “insensitive and inexcusable.”

I give a wide berth to comedians for the stuff they say because, with some, it is their trademark. It is a defined type of comedy. But this SNL person went beyond her obligations in that respect and did the right thing.