Marilyn Mosby “malicious prosecution and defamation” lawsuit Goes Forward

by Steve MacDonald

Marilyn Mosby - BaltimoreThe six police officers tried in the death of Freddie Gray have just won a major decision in court.

A federal judge, Marvin J Garbis, has allowed a “malicious prosecution and defamation” lawsuit against Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby to proceed.

It has long been suggested that Mosby with plenty of encouragement from the Mayor and even some at the Federal level tried to create a case where one didn’t exist. The judge had some very specific things to say about why the case could move forward, not because of her actions as a prosecutor (the State was cleared) but as an investigator, and conduct for which she is solely responsible.

Plaintiffs allege facts adequate to present a plausible claim that at least some of Mosby’s defamatory press conference statements were made with knowledge that they were false or made with reckless disregard of whether they were false or not, that is with the requisite malice for defamation purposes

Sundance at Conservative Treehouse summarizes the potential glory of this investigation should it survive appeal.

Can you imagine the discovery in this case?  Marilyn Mosby and all of the investigators she controlled, leveraged and pressured may soon find themselves being the subject of depositions, inquiries, and investigation.

Kathleen Kane recently went up the river for being a naughty girl and abusing her prosecutorial power. Maybe she can share a cell with Mosby.

Conservative Treehouse has more details, including the complete decision.

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