That “legislation” by bureaucrats kinda add up, eh? “Manhattan culinary staple China Fun shutters, blaming government over-regulation”

by Skip

“Free compliance advisors are available for on-sight consultation aimed at helping small businesses comply with regulations.”

At what point “a lot of Government” too much government?  Another example of government regulation run amok being buisness harmful.

Manhattan culinary staple China Fun shutters, blaming government over-regulation

We keep pointing these examples under the principle that at some point, Government’s micro-management is attacking the heart of America’s economy – that of small buisnesses.  We’ve seen 10s of thousands of new Federal regulations strangling growth overall (to the point of an overall average of about 1.7% GDP growth over Obama’s term) issued by bureaucrats that have never signed the front of a paycheck nor have concern over what this avalanche costs those businesses.  There is no feedback cycle that makes it personal with an adverse outcome for themselves when it tanks a business.  And States and local government, often times not also understanding the Law of Unintended Consequences in beeing seen as “doing something”.

The story (reformatted, emphasis mine):

For 25 years, China Fun was renowned for its peerless soup dumplings and piquant General Tso’s chicken. What left a bad taste in the mouths of its owners and loyal patrons was the restaurant’s sudden Jan. 3 closing, blamed by management on suffocating government demands. “The climate for small businesses like ours in New York have become such that it’s difficult to justify taking risks and running — nevermind starting — a legitimate mom-and-pop business,” read a letter posted by the owners in the restaurant’s front door.

And I think this next line doesn’t just include businesses but ANYTHING that has pockets as it seems those that “govern” have turned their backs on government but re-engineering society:

“The state and municipal governments, with their punishing rules and regulations, seems to believe that we should be their cash machine to pay for all that ails us in society.”

In other words, we’re forced to give up our own money to hand it to those that despise us as we are now.  Governance, especially under Liberals / Progressives / SJWs, has changed into a model of “We will change you” – you have no say in the matter.  THIS is probably THE most egregious part of listening to these folks and having to deal with their holding onto levers of power.

It also shows that they believe that “we are a wealthy country” gives them free rein to take whatever it takes of that “collective wealth“:

  • US Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA):   “No, it’s because we have a misallocation of capital, a misallocation of wealth…I just feel very strongly, that it’s not just appropriations that’s causing this problem.  It’s the lack of the revenue that we should be taking in to meet our obligations as a country.”

…simply because they control the pen(s) that write and sign the legislation or regulation.  They don’t respect Private Property.


Albert Wu, whose parents Dorothea and Felix owned the eatery, said the endless paperwork and constant regulation that forced the shutdown accumulated over the years.  “When we started out in 1991, the lunch special was $4 a plate,” he recalled. “Now it’s $10, $12. The cost of doing business is just too onerous.”

Certainly regulation is not the only cost – everything has gone up.  But one thing is sure – the drumbeat of ever increasing regulations never stop.

Wu cited one regulation where the restaurant was required to provide an on-site break room for workers despite its limited space. And he blamed the amount of paperwork now required — an increasingly difficult task for a non-chain businesses.

And when Government becomes more of an business issue than your business, the scale has tipped too far:

“In a one-restaurant operation like ours, you’re spending more time on paperwork than you are trying to run your business,” he griped. Increases in the minimum wage, health insurance and insurance added to a list of 10 issues provided by Wu. “And I haven’t even gone into the Health Department rules and regulations,” he added.

And to cap this issue, here’s the idiotic comment of the Government that has caused this shutdown – savor the sheer inanity:

The de Blasio administration noted the city provides free help to small businesses. The “Small Business First” initiative helps owners save time and money while reducing the amount of paperwork.  Free compliance advisors are available for on-sight consultation aimed at helping small businesses comply with regulations. “The NYC Department of Small Business Services makes it easier for businesses to start, operate, and grow, including by helping businesses navigate important City regulations,” said spokesman Nick Benson.

And it is the incrementalism that is just dismissed as a non-issue by Statists that become the real problem.  I will allow that some regulation, in this day and age, is considered part of the game .  The question that Government NEVER stops to ask is “when is enough, enough?”

But Adele Malpass, Manhattan Republican Party chairwoman, said the issues cited by the Wu family are common complaints. “For smaller businesses like China Fun, each little thing that occurs makes it harder,” said Malpass. “Each regulation, each tax — you put it all together and it’s just a hostile business environment.”

They may look at a single mandate and go “hey, not so bad” and never will either realize that lots of departments say the same thing and never take it to the next level of what is the impact in the aggregate. Like with this:

Free compliance advisors are available for on-sight consultation aimed at helping small businesses comply with regulations.

The fact that you have to have taxpayer supplied “compliance advisors” to deal with Government isn’t a red flag?  That maybe, just maybe, you have created a regime that is just too large, intrusive, and bothersome (not to mention expensive in money and time) – have you ever considered that?

That perhaps you’re doing it wrong?


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