On the Left No Point Of Reference But Prejudice – Revisited

Liberal assumptions about how progressives see Bill de Blasio’s family all wrong

Back on Nov. 15th, 2013 I responded to a racist screed by Richard Cohen. By that, I mean, he was accusing people who don’t think like him of being racist, even though he probably doesn’t know anyone who doesn’t think like him and therefore has no context.

On the Left No Point Of Reference But Prejudice

To cultural conservatives,  Richard Cohen looks like a guy who got his information from the copy on the back of a box of Progressive O’s or at any one of many staff meetings or cocktail parties at which there has never been an actual conservative. Cohen can only speak from his own prejudice and he has plenty.

As for the new mayor of the Big Apple, I doubt Bill [de Blasio] and I agree on much politically, but we do appear to agree that you should marry the mother of your children, stay married to them, and raise them together. This is better for all parties concerned, and none of that other stuff matters, at least not to me. None of it is anyone else’s business, and it certainly should not be the government’s business.

Read the whole thing here because the left hasn’t changed a bit since I wrote it, not that I’d expect they would.