First the freeze – and now the sweep

broomPresident Trump signed an Executive Order / Memorandum earlier this week to freeze hiring across the Federal Govt except for the military (note – the VA exempted ITSELF from this?).  Now the broom has started its sweeping.

  1. All politically appointed ambassadors were told to submit their resignations on Inauguration Day.  Standard fare, but a start.  Ditto with most other political appointees.

2. The axe fell on Border Chief Mark Morgan (‘resign or be fired’).  Those reporting to him (the rank and file) hated him as being the point rumpswab for Obama in basically telling them to desert their posts in place by telling them how NOT to do their jobs or suffer the loss of said jobs.  Yep, Ideology over The Rule of Law.  To his downfall, Morgan just found out that his Law arrived on 1/0/2017.

The union was incensed when Morgan, at a Senate hearing Dec. 1, said he supported a comprehensive immigration overhaul, which is often interpreted to include a path to citizenship for people who are in the country illegally. Morgan clarified his remarks in a note to Border Patrol staff the following week, saying he does not support a “blanket amnesty.”

3. Two senior administration officials said Thursday that the Trump administration told four top State Department management officials that their services were no longer needed as part of an effort to “clean house” at Foggy Bottom.  Patrick Kennedy, who served for nine years as the undersecretary for management, Assistant Secretaries for Administration and Consular Affairs Joyce Anne Barr and Michele Bond, and Ambassador Gentry Smith, director of the Office for Foreign Missions, were sent letters by the White House that their service was no longer required, the sources told CNN.

In addition, Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security Gregory Starr retired Jan. 20, and the director of the Bureau of Overseas Building Operations, Lydia Muniz, departed the same day. That amounts to a near-complete housecleaning of all the senior officials that deal with managing the State Department, its overseas posts and its people.

Couldn’t happen to a better crop of Clinton rump spittlers.  It seems like the Press and the Left has gone over wroght over this. Here’s the top level org chart (H/T: Instapundit)
 STATE-DEPARTMENT top level org chart