Dinosaur Media Peddles Fake News…

by Steve MacDonald

Dan RatherThe media and Democrats doth protest too much about fake news. They are, after all, the masters of the craft.

(The Federalist) The “fake news” hysteria came, after all, from the same people who previously brought us “fake but accurate.” If you don’t remember that phrase, here’s a refresher. In the 2004 election, CBS’s Dan Rather tried to pass off forged Texas Air National Guard memos in an attempt to impugn the military record of George W. Bush. It was fake news, and it was specifically designed to tilt the results of a presidential election.

Fortunately, intrepid bloggers debunked it within 24 hours, leading a peevish CBS News executive to scoff at the idea that they could be taught their own business by “a guy sitting in his living room in his pajamas.” The moment that really crystallized this mainstream media arrogance was when the New York Times dubbed the memos “fake but accurate.” The upshot? Fake news is really bad, unless it’s about someone we hate.

Hyperbolic coverage of hate crimes but not when they turn out to be hoaxes. Blaming terror attacks on everyone but the Muslims that commit them. Editing audio or video to create the opposite impression of the truth. Reporting (repeating) anything a Democrat says as being sane or true. These are all examples of fake news.

And if you don’t believe me, just ask Brian Williams.

H/T The Federalist

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