We caught us a Fly-in Drive-by Voter!! [Updated]

by Ed Naile

Another Episode of NH Vote Fraud Theater

Another Episode of NH Vote Fraud Theater

When you are looking for “drive-by” voters this what you want to find:

-A guy with a name no one else in America has.
-His date of birth from several sources.
-Public documents with as much information as you can get.

What do you know? I Have all three.

Meet Hooksett, NH voter Michael LaSean Lewis.

I covered some of this story earlier but here goes in case you haven’t read about him.

Mr. Lewis was arrested for driving without a license in Hooksett, NH on November 8, 2016, about ten minutes after voting same-day in Hooksett – with no photo I.D. This means I have some public documents regarding Mr. Lewis. (Attachments to follow.)

Democrats in the Legislature, along with past Democrat Governors, have been working hard along with the NH Leagues of Women Voters and the NH ACLU to keep important information about a voter from the public. Layer after layer of laws stripping information from voter registration cards has been passed. Most of this information is public in other states. But not here. It leaves open the opportunity for lots of out of state voters like Mr. Lewis to steal your legal vote.

Mr. Lewis has been registered to vote in Georgia since 2013 and is, according to the Georgia website shown, an “active voter” in that state. (pg 1)

When Michael LaSean Lewis was arrested he had no valid license, but claimed, with two different addresses.

So how does a guy with no license, no ID, rent a car? That would be nice to know since Mr. Lewis was driving a Ma. registered rental and had just come from the airport – I am assuming the Manchester Airport.

And how does a guy get on a plane without photo I.D? I have no idea.

But voting in NH with no I.D., license, or real address is no problem what so ever – until you get caught!

Fulton County, Georgia is sending me his voting history. I should have that in a few days.

Now on to the other question:

What else was Mr. Lewis doing in Hooksett, NH on Election Day, November 8, 2016 without a driver’s license, in a rental car, fresh from the airport?

Linked documents

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  • kervick

    Maybe he was in a fugue state?

    • Ed Naile

      Now he is in a fugitive state.
      He blew off his Dec 27, 2016 court date in Hooksett.

      • kervick

        Any hunch so far, whom may have hired him?

      • kervick

        The Democrats aren’t going to pay for a flight and car for one vote.

        • Ed Naile

          This is why the NH AG is so reluctant to actually charge these guys with a crime.
          It would open doors.
          We are working on it. Catching a guy like Michael and following through on trial if need be would put a damper on others like him:
          Carl Robert Gibson
          Geoff Wetrosky
          Jessie Burchfield
          Jared Steven Cram
          Alana Biden
          Caitlin Ann Legacki
          The four Australians who came here to do dirty tricks for Sanders
          and more.

          • kervick

            Right. They hire on the ground consultants to do all sorts of mischief and they also vote.

          • Ed Naile

            Then they leave.
            The NH AG has yet to do anything about the Sanders team at 345 Cilley Rd. in Manchester.
            Hugo Palma – Colorado Springs
            Donna S. Waterman – Vt.
            Both used the fake address of a dentist office in Manchester to vote in NH.
            This is also why NH will not willingly make public the statewide database.
            ANYONE could simply look at the “domiciles” of voters and know that the person claiming that address was not a resident.
            Here in Deering I had three out of state voters within a mile of my house – for years. And this is a very rural town.
            Since I did work for them I knew they lived in the D.C. area. They paid with checks on DC banks and owned homes there worth five times the value of their summer homes.
            It’s where two had kids go to school and where they worked.
            Another guy in Deering lived in Nashua, taught school there, but summered here. He felt like Deering was his home because his aunt owned a place here.
            When town meeting votes were close – guess who won?

          • Radical Moderate

            Yes Ed its easy to figure this issue out for truth seekers like us, but the real question is why haven’t NH Republicans done anything about this issue even when they’ve controlled the State House? It’s the same reason why the national Establishment Republicans haven’t done anything in DC either.
            The answer is that in New Hampshire voter fraud doesn’t really matter because the Establishment Republicans and Progressive Democrats are the same party. They both want to push New Hampshire to become Massachusetts North.
            Watch, Sununu will only pay lip service to the issue and won’t do one thing about it since he is tied into the NH tourism industry and the NH Chamber of Commerce which both are working toward flooding our state with so called refugees and cheap H1B labor. People may ask what does this issue have to do with voter fraud. It has everything to do with it because its the long range goal BEHIND voter fraud. The constant drum beat of workforce shortage in NH from out local fish-wrap news paper and NY owned TV station is intended to soften the field for the flood of ‘out of state’ cheap labor to come.

          • Ed Naile

            The biggest excuse I have heard from some Republican establishment sources, in several states, is about a consent decree the national party had levied against it a while back by a liberal activist judge.
            The deal is that the Republican Party is accused of suppressing minority votes. So any type of clean election laws or prosecutions is racism.
            This goes with today’s story about Sessions and the NAACP. They don’t want him as AG because he prosecutes voter fraud.
            A source in Virginia said the judge that kept the anti-Republican consent decree alive is no longer in office so that should eliminate one excuse for not protecting our votes. But it continues and it is why urban centers in some areas, like Detroit feel free to rig votes.
            A few good Supreme Court appointments and this can go away and we can have on les obstacle to clean elections.

          • Radical Moderate

            Good points, all. Thank you for pointing out some light at the end of the tunnel.

          • Bryan W

            I thought the consent decree was placed upon the National Republican Committee? This has nothing to do with elected officials and states…

          • Ed Naile

            The Brennan Center has this brief description of the case:
            It has been used repeatedly.
            The Brennan Center is a left wing outfit so it is described that way – as a protection of minorities. In fact the “caging” described is similar to same day registration.
            Both are means to avoid being caught committing voter fraud.
            All the Dems. have to do is cry “caging” and the Republicans shrink.
            If they can’t win at the polls they create a means to cheat.
            Same day registration is in fact designed to a specific outcome – get the illegal votes IN and worry about the consequences later.
            Caging is a claim made in case anyone tries, in an organized manner, to challenge illegal votes.
            Democrat plan: Get the illegal vote in – protect it with liberal judges.
            It works if your party backs down.

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