Boycott The Democrat Party

by Steve MacDonald

Jeff woodburn

Image Credit: NH1 News

New Hampshire State Senator Jeff Woodburn has proposed legislation to create a bipartisan committee whose job would be to examine a response to reports of Russia’s interference in US elections.

“Do you send hardearned dollars to someone who’s trying to undermine your democracy?” he said. “Your dollars should follow your ideals.

No mention of President Obama’s effort to undermine Israel’s Democracy?

I know, how about we end taxpayer bailouts of Planned Parenthood and disband public unions? These organizations have funneled billions into a modern Democrat party that has done more to undermine Democracy in America than anyone I can imagine.

As for Woodburn, perhaps a better use of this time would be to suggest a resolution that Hillary Clinton avoid unprotected illegal Servers, John Podesta chooses stronger passwords, and the DNC stop fixing Democrat primaries to such a degree that its staffers leak confidential correspondence as revenge for undermining their Democracy.

H/T Union Leader

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