Speaker Jasper Tries To Hamstring Roll Call Transparency Again

Jasper Sequel: Limiting NH House Roll Calls 2.0

Jaspercrats in the NH House are taking another stab at making transparency more difficult. (From my In-Box)

Today the House rules committee is meeting to discuss the rules for the  house for next year.  It is my understanding that House leadership (both R&Ds) are pushing to move the number of “seconds” needed for a roll call to 20 (up from 10). If you recall, they tried this 2 years ago.  This will limit accountability and transparency of government.

They want 20 people to stand up and second the motion before the votes of your representatives must be recorded. When they tried to do this two years ago I had this to say.

Why do Democrats and RINO’s want to hide as many votes as they can?  You could and should ask why, but I’ve got a better solution.

If they want obnoxious, give it to them.  Every vote should be recorded. Make every vote a roll call vote.

A Republican needs to make roll call request on every vote, followed immediately by every Republican with the will standing up to second that roll call on every single motion. Not just 20, but 50, or 100, or more, if you have the numbers.

But, but, but…the people’s Business. Roll calls cost money. But, but.

It will be the same canards as previously–time consuming, too expensive. Well, guess what. If transparency is expensive, then I’m worth it.

And the old way is going to look like a bargain compared to the new way, and we’re still going to get our roll calls (If I have my way). So pick your poison.

My email-pal also suggested that the same leadership (both sides) is looking for a way to change how you introduce floor amendments. Maybe I’m just cynical, but my guess is that the change will benefit leadership.