Obamacare. Heh! I think these two lines are all that Republicans have to say

by Skip

On the news that Obama is going to sit down with the few Democrats that are still left in the US House and Senate to figure out a way to defend his Obamacare legacy.  After all, he can’t depend on voters anymore – he proclaimed that they HAD to protect his legacy (“a personal insult if this community doesn’t activate”) and we all kicked his legacy and his Socialist policies to the curb in not electing the Hildebeast.

Doug Powers, who blogs over at MichelleMalkin.com had these two lines riffing off both Obama and Nancy Pelosi:

  • “If you like your signature legislative achievement you can keep it.”

Apropos.  And there’ll be nothing for the Dems to do but sputter.

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  • Radical Moderate

    One other thing President Trump could do is come out with a better plan.
    I believe President Trump will propose a new and novel system of providing health care to the American people that will make the Democrats and the Establishment Republicans forget Obummer Care ever existed.
    The best revenge on Obummer is to make him inconsequential in the pages of history books. Outshine Obummer at every turn, that’s what would drive him absolutely bonkers.

    • Bryan W

      I like this idea, but the constitutionalist in me says the Federales should have no role in health care, other than to protect the rights of the Citizenry.

      I mean – pick an issue – let’s say the “kids covered up to age 26” feature. The government shouldn’t have to do anything – if the market demands it, someone will eventually provide it. If the price point is in the realm of what people want, they will buy it. (I don’t know for a fact, but I bet if we went back far enough, we would find out the previous state of things – kids get dropped at 21 or whatever it was – was a government mandate.)

      Having said that, a President and a willing Congress could PROMOTE the general welfare (not provide it) by encouraging companies and people to provide the products and services that are demanded. If the government stops distorting the market, the explosion of goods and services and innovation will be astounding.

    • sb

      I want government completely out of my health care and any insurance or health savings account.

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