NH House Speaker Shawn Jasper burnishes his reputation as a…

Shawn Jasper Binkie…petty, little, nitwit with grandiose self-assuredness of his ability to blunder about.  A STERLING example of absolute power (in his case, in very small ways) over those that have no power at all – the definition of a tyrant.  Seriously, Jasper, the height of blatant “Retribution – I shall do it….because I can“!  And against someone that has no power at all.  But then, again, isn’t Jasper all about humiliation (and you can take that anyway that you want). Reformatted, emphasis mine:

A former state representative and vocal critic of House Speaker Shawn Jasper, R-Hudson, filed a court complaint against the speaker on Tuesday, claiming that Jasper improperly had him removed from the Legislative Office Building during an orientation session for new lawmakers. Spec Bowers was a Republican representative from Sullivan County who served from 2010 to 2012, and ran unsuccessfully in November.

Throughout much of the past two years, he was a vocal critic of Jasper’s leadership and the partnership he forged with Democrats to obtain the position over the majority will of the Republican caucus.

Bowers said he was invited by some newly elected representatives to assist in their orientation. “The official tour doesn’t show you everything,” he said. “I wanted to show them some of the behind-the-scenes stuff.”

And what was Spec doing that warranted this bullying and petty act:

In his complaint filed in Merrimack Superior Court, Bowers alleges that he was “sitting quietly on a public bench outside a committee room of the Legislative Office Building” when he was approached by a security guard who told Bowers he would have to leave, on orders of the speaker.  “I asked him if I could wait in the lobby, but he said ‘no’,” according to Bowers. “He then escorted me downstairs and I did leave the building.”

…The common areas of the government buildings in Concord are routinely open to the public unless someone is causing a disturbance.

Sitting quietly is generally not considered a disturbance.  This is simple someone with power to exercise deciding to show someone who’s boss.  Let’s add thin-skinned and inability to “take it” like a man to the list of the above descriptions

What is so sad is that THIS time, a majority of the Republican caucus reelected this oh so shining example of a leader.  This is what I emailed the other Groksters as we discussed some of the news of the day:

The other item to throw into this stew is the GOP itself – seriously, half the House caucus voted for Jasper????
What does that say about the state of the GOP right now other than “UniParty”?
My low expectations just went below Ground Zero….
You are who you elect as your leaders – and the NH GOP now owns him.  At least last time, we could blame the Democrats but now, the Republicans have brought him upon yourselves.  So first the Democrats set him up as “their agenda” – and the Republicans have now taken that agenda over.
Just like Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion.  Don’t worry – just like M.E., the bill will come due soon enough…