Gosh, how can I tell NH GOP Committeeman Steve Duprey from NH Democrat Chair Ray Buckley??

Steve DupreyOK, a bit over the top on that title, but just by a little. After all, they both support Planned Parenthhood, right?  And giving donations to the PP Action Fund, he helped Buckles defeat Kelly Ayotte (all of his verbal protestations aside we all only have to look at his actions). And there’s one other thing that ties the two together ideologically as well but let me do a quick set up.

So J-Ho has decided that she wasn’t going for threepeat for the NH GOP Chair – good move.  And so like nature who abhors a vacuum, we’re seeing a bunch of folks flooding in to fill said vacuum.  Thus far:

  • Matt Mayberry (current Vice-Chair, NHGOP)
  • Wayne MacDonald (former long term Vice-Chair and NH GOP Chair)
  • Jeannie Forrester (former State Senator, ran for NH GOP Gov nomination)
  • JP Marzullo (former Vice-Chair)

And this is where the NEXT tie-in with Ray Buckley comes in (and no, it doesn’t involve fake bikinis – that I know of):

The Fix is in

Already we see the Establishment almost tripping over themselves in lining behind…..Forrester.  Nothing new in NH politics – it’s their little club (as JP, Wayne, and Cliff Hurst found out the HARD way as the “Five Families” shoved them out of the way with the political equivalent of C4 at kneecap level).  But it was NH GOP Committee Steve Duprey that is wielding the hatchet this time against anyone who is NOT the Annointed One – and it is the Governor-Elect from the Sununu dynasty (er, didn’t we just get RID of two of them at the national level??) that seemingly has already hand selected who that should be.

And the Establishment is now decreeing that the NH GOP Committee members ALL fall quietly into line.  All hail the Royal Choice (er, you peasants don’t deserve one – not at all)!  And Steve Duprey make it well know – at a Facebook page for Matt Mayberry for NH GOP Chair.  First comes the back-handed swipe with faint praise:

Matt has done a terrific job as Vice Chair and I hope he stays in that position.

After all, it just isn’t “his turn:”

When we have a governor from our party we have ALWAYS given deference to whoever the Governor would like in that position.

Sure, Chris Sununu is going to be the titular head of the NH GOP once he assumes the office.  “As it has been, so shall it ever be”.  Umm, Steve, what about all that “tradition an iron-clad history” deference given to Shawn Jasper upon ascending to his Democrat appointed Speakership?  No, I am not suggesting that the election of Sununu matches Jasper – but showing “deference” in one instance and totally rejecting it on the other hand?

Not intellectually honest.  But then again..yes, bring on that old (and true) saw: “Follow the money!” and watch how Duprey does the manipulation:


The single best fundraiser for the party is the Governor. He is also the one who interacts with most of our business owners who are Republicans and is closer to that community than party leaders can be. If the chair is not the Governor’s choice the party starves for funds and most of the organizational effort and strength gravitates towards the Governor’s political organization. The Governor also carries heavy weight with the RNC and has an outsized voice on how much RNC financial support we get and where it is directed.

The message is that ONLY the Governor’s choice NO ONE will give to the NH GOP.  My thought?  Fine – drain the swamp.  Steve, I think, is doing that Time Warp Again – lots of water under his bridge has passed and the politics have changed muchly since the NH GOP held the Governorship – what crystal ball is he looking at that is stuck in time?  He fought the TEA Party and wasn’t hep to Trump – has he not realized that the atmosphere has changed?  Why is he stuck in the old centralized paradigm?  After all, it’s an elected Governor – not a King.  But again – Time Warp Again – he has to dredge back 43 years?

The last time we had a party chair elected who was not the choice of our Governor was in 1973 when David Gosselin won over Governor Thomson’s choice. At that time we dominated almost every elected office. Yet the party almost went bankrupt because donors, if forced to choose, supported the Governor’s wishes.

No, it isn’t Chair vs Gov.  It is the insiders vs everyone else.  I saw that with Jack Kenney when he ran for Governor and the NH GOP just let him dangle from a limb.  He was (and was again when he beat the Establishment candidate, Boothby, for Exec Council).  I’ve watched it with the Boutin – Cormier State Senate race too.  Insider vs grassroots.

We know where Steve lives.

I would have been delighted to have Matt as chair if he was the Governor-elect’s choice and I told him that. I also told him that it was the Governor- elect’s choice and he told me agreed and that if the Governor wanted someone else he would not run.

So a draft Matt effort is not only inappropriate at this time, it is bad for the party and for Matt.”

So, the fundamental questions that immediately came to mind were:

  •  Do what we command simply because we are <title inserted here> tells them so?
  • WHO is the Party – is it the Gov?  The NH GOP Chair?  The Exec Committee?
  • When one is elected to the NH GOP Committee, are they forced to give up their conscience in leadership?
  • The Party faithful simple give up their right to vote their preference?
  • UNITY REIGNS! (and don’t forget about “the beatings will continue until morale improves” bit)
  • How does the base look at this Command to obey “the Top Down / Command”  diktat?


So, what’s that other way in that Duprey and Buckley are the same?  Er, you just read it.

Both believe in not allowing the members a role in selecting who the base gets to vote for.  The decision has been made and that Progressive “tell” is at play here “YOU don’t need that” (and in this case, a vote).  We have seen the Democrats set up their single candidates a lot through the years – the “Leader” decrees and the flock falls into line and others just melt away from running against them.

In this, Steve Duprey is no different.  He said it himself.

So, NH GOP Committee members, what think you?