So Sununu is satisfied with a Socialist entitlement? Government – what can’t it do?

Chris SununuThat’s what Democrats think, Chris Sununu.  You see, they have totally rejected the Founding Fathers philosophy that our Liberties are most protected when Government, constrained by our Constitutions, stay within the “negative liberties” – what Government CANNOT DO to you.  The flip side is the old European and Socialist model – Government exists to do things for (and TO) you.  Sounds “ok” at the surface level but I guess Chris is forgetting something VERY important (emphasis mine, reformatted)…

Advocates will push for paid family leave this session

Republicans may now control both chambers of the State House and the governorship, but advocates are hopeful a paid family leave law could be on the books at the end of this legislative session. With Governor-elect Chris Sununu saying he would “absolutely” support paid family and medical leave during his campaign while states across the country – including Massachusetts – take a hard look at the proposal, proponents of such a program think bipartisan momentum is here.

Rep. Mary Gile, a Concord Democrat who has long advocated for paid leave in New Hampshire, is working on a new bill to introduce this session. Modeled on programs in Rhode Island, California and New Jersey, it would establish an insurance program administered by the state – likely the Department of Employment Security. Through payroll deductions, employees would pay into a statewide pool. When they needed to take time off to care for themselves or a family member, they could collect a portion of their wages for up to 12 weeks. As drafts of the legislation stand right now, employees with participating employers would choose whether to opt in to the system. To ensure the pool of participants was sustainable, Gile said lawmakers are looking at incentives for participation.

…And that would be in order for Government to do something FOR someone, it must first and forcibly take from others.  Is this the Government that Chris Sununu wishes to be known for?  For, once again, using Government to tell people how they will use their money, their private property, to support others?  Governor-elect, is this following the Republican ideal and Platform of a limited Government?

You campaigned on less laws and less regulations – does this fulfill the spirit of what you campaigned on??  Or just an empty promise?

Yeah, sure.  Just like Social Security is a “retirement insurance program with a lockbox” (translation: what a crock – it and ALL Government programs are ALWAYS Pay As You Go”).  And trust me, the slippery slope would soon devolve this into NO opt-in and prevent any Opt-Out.  After all, NH is broke (once you get past all of the government shady accounting tricks that would get a private sector concern jailed in a flash if it operated that way).  Doubt me?  Ask yourself: Once you devolve the 40% of the NH budget that comes from the Feds, shove in the unfunded and looming pension debacle, where does NH stand?

Incentives?  Just like Jeb Bradley and Chuck Morse took the “three years of Fed “FREE!” money” to expand Medicaid?  We’re already at the end of that FREE! period and we all are about to find out how “FREE!” really is.

Gile said she was worried such legislation could fail again. But she said she believed a sufficient number of Republican lawmakers could be persuaded this time by the success of similar programs elsewhere in the country and its support in the business community. “They’ll say, well, let’s get on board,” she said. Fellow Democratic lawmakers working with Gile include newly elected House Minority Leader Steve Shurtleff and state Sen. Dan Feltes, both also of Concord, and Rep. Cindy Rosenwald of Nashua. Both Gile and Sears said they were actively looking for Republican co-sponsors.

Well, at least this will flush out more RINOs for us to hunt

House Majority Leader Dick Hinch, a Merrimack Republican, said he couldn’t comment on specific proposals since he hadn’t reviewed any yet….

…“On the state level, we need input from all stakeholders – working families and the business community – to come up with a solution that works for New Hampshire,” Hinch wrote. “Our economy depends on the ability for us to recruit and retain skilled workers, and exploring ways to make it easier for them to remain in the workforce under certain family conditions makes sense.”

Yo, it’s called short & long term disability insurance – and if a company wants to offer it, let it be THEIR decision because it makes economic sense to THEM and not forced, over time, upon them.  STOP the slow crawling of downshifting costs – if this is welfare, make it welfare and stop treating the private sector as both a piggy bank and an entity to be told what to do.  You RAIL against Democrats doing it – why are you picking up their reins of their stage coach barrelling to the Socialist dystopia?

Or an expansion thereof?  This used to be the responsibility of friends and families – you’re perfectly fine in following the footsteps of Democrat FDR’s Second Bill of Rights which was yet another attempt to undermine the Constitution and substitute in the Socialist idea of “positive rights” – that one should have the expectation and entitlement that others will be required to take care of you?  How does that fit the ethos of the “Live Free or Die” State that you would require me to be subservient to someone else not of my own accord?

Ask yourself, Chris – is this something that our Founders would agree with REGARDLESS of whether is sounds “nice” or not?  Was this part of their vision?  Sure, we should help others – but is a Government forcing of that, the continued crowding out of Civil Society and voluntary charity that started with the New Deal and accelerated with The Great Society, aligned with their vision of a limited Government? Do we need yet another “one size fits all” Government program?  How does this protect our Liberties  (the main responsibility of Government)?

I think not.  Think long and hard on this – the NH GOP (and the GOP at the national level) have been given ALL of the keys that have been requested and begged for election after election. What will be our reaction when, once again (e.g., Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion here in NH), the base sees UNRepublican agendas forwarded into law?  The base is tired of voting for Republicans and then not getting their votes’ worth.


Sidenote: I find this from the article highly suspect:

She added that two-thirds of now-elected Republicans who responded to the campaign’s candidate survey said they would support a paid family and medical leave insurance program. Paid leave advocates like Sears are also bolstered by a University of New Hampshire poll showing strong support – across party lines – for a paid leave.  The poll, which sampled 500 households in February, did find Democrats were more likely to support the policy – 99 percent of Democratic women, and 96 percent of Democratic men said they supported the idea. But a vast majority of sampled Republicans liked the idea too. Eighty-two percent of Republican women and 69 percent of Republican men expressed support for a paid leave insurance program.

500 is not a large number and I do wonder what the modeling was like for the survey (e.g., number of Progressives vs centrists vs RINOs vs Conservatives) – just going after Party affiliation doesn’t smell right.

But on the other hand, if a majority of the “Limited Government” Party is for yet another entitlement program that WILL end up being quite expensive, what is the difference between the Rs and the Dems?  What would happen if the base simply stays home?  After all:

Winning is only a precursor; what you do afterwards is most important

And if Chris Sununu continues on in this vein, can we start calling him Chris Jasper?