Oh The Humility – Christie Dropped Off A Bridge!

by Mike

VP Elect Mike Pence

VP Elect Mike Pence

It appears that Trump knows the difference between a liberal toady and a real team player, as Friday brought news that Chris Christie, nominal head of the transition team prior to the election, has been replaced by Mike Pence now that there’s real work to be done. Christie was a useful surrogate, but he was only on the team because his own future was looking bleak, not out of deep ideological alignment with The Donald.

Pence wasn’t out there yelling “pick me, pick me!” For the VP slot, but rather was approached by Trump and his family after careful consideration. Bridge_Too_FarChristie, on the other hand, was trying to ride to relevance on The Donald’s coattails was looking more and more like a liability because he is tainted by Bridgegate, and because his picks are likely to be Neocon or even liberal, whereas Trump needs movers and shakers who will actually change the way government works.

Notice how the names at the top of Trump’s list are those who stuck their necks out early and often in support of him – Jeff Sessions, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani… It also appears that one of Christie’s henchmen on the transition team was replaced by a Sessions advisor – doesn’t seem like soft on immigration is a winning position on Team Trump!

P.S. I wonder if somebody told The Donald about Christie’s record on guns in NJ?

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