“so there must be more racists and sexists than we believed.”

by Steve MacDonald

candidate TrumpCare of, Conrad Black – National Post

The most powerful mea culpa from the media was from Will Rahn of CBS. He blogged on Thursday against “the unbearable smugness” of the media, including himself:

“We were all tacitly or explicitly #With Her.… Had Hillary Clinton won, there’d be a winking ‘we did it’ feeling in the press — we were brave and saved the republic.… Trump knew what he was doing when he invited his crowds to jeer and hiss reporters covering him. They hate us. And can you blame them? Journalists love mocking Trump supporters.… We diagnose them as racists in the way Dark Age clerics confused medical problems with demonic possession. Journalists at our worst, see ourselves as a priestly caste, we believe we have access to a greater truth.” Instead of humility, Rahn expects the media to be confirmed in their view that Trump and his followers are racist and sexist, “so there must be more racists and sexists than we believed.”

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  • Radical Moderate

    Isn’t it funny how the mea culpa always comes only after a thief is caught in the act red handed. They swear up and down they will never do it again and they just on the verge of turning their life around.
    I still maintain that the Main Stream Media must be investigated by the Justice Department and if evidence is found that there was direct collusion with the Democrats or that they were deliberately obfuscating the truth they should be put on trial and if found guilty their FCC license should be permanently revoked and all those involved be given prison time, from the owner right on down to the newscaster and camera man. They will never learn their lesson if they are not punished. As we see even now they are slanting their news to encourage the rioters. They will never stop their malicious behavior unless they are forced to stop.

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