Hey, Silver Spoon Harrel – we’ll “condemn” Andy ONLY after you condemn your boss for wishing everyone in The Hague had been bombed by Hitler

by Skip

UPDATED AND BUMPED – Upon the news that NH Democrat Party Chairman Ray Buckley is planning to run for Chair of the Democrat National Committee, I thought I’d make it a bit easier for der Google to help them out.  Originally posted on July 12, 2013

Not us, Harrell – because until one of our elected friends makes an EXTREMELY bad vote, or a REALLY bad series of votes, we stay loyal to them.  Yeah, loyal – something that is in too short supply in politicis as well as probably being a very foreign concept for you, Harrell, you paid  political hack, who’ll seemingly say anything for a political point (and, like most Lefty operatives, a dollar bill being dragged along at the end of a string).  We know people make mistakes (hey, you’ve even tried to call us out a while ago- that was a mistake, wasn’t it, Harrell?  And if I recall, YOU made quite the doozey as well, right?  Shall we bring that up – again?  I guess contriteness was a short term attribute, eh?).

Well, fankly ANYTHING that Andy might have said about that sumbitch (yup, another “skirt” reference) Totalitarian style Socialized / Nationalized Cloward-Obama Obamacare.  Don’t know if you’ve been watching, but that whole British NHS system?  Yeah – it literally DOES kill people and for as much as Obama hates the Brits, he’s bound and determined to give us the same healthcare system; does that mean he hates our Country too, Harrell?

“In his radical right-wing crusade against the Affordable Care Act, there is no rhetoric too shameful or appalling for Senator Sanborn,” Kirstein said. “His comments are heartless and callous, ignoring the awful loss of human life from this tragic accident and then using it as political fodder for his Tea Party opposition to affordable health insurance reform for working New Hampshire citizens. All New Hampshire Republicans should swiftly condemn Sanborn’s cruel joke.

The problem will be, some Republican will take a walk – they’re nothing but  cowards and show they have no political spines to even stand up to the likes of you (‘oh, oh, they’re calling me BAD NAMES!  Quick, raise the white flag!”) and will pull a Monty Python (“Run Away!”).
Groksters, I think this calls for a spate of “Democrats acting and speaking badly” posts.  After all, it HAS been a while since we last did such – am betting there is a WHOLE lot of new material out there – even here in cozy little NH.  Let’s see if you’ll be willing to call them out as fast as you are here. That’s right, Harrell – we here at the ‘Grok don’t think you have the stones to think and act as  “if it is bad on one side, it’s gotta be bad for all sides”.  However, you’re just a hack –   you’ll just continue the “Democrat Double-Speak Double Standard” shuffle. So, let’s ask a question (which you’ve been asked before):

“How about this trip to the Hague?”

How about THE answer:

“Hitler should have bombed it”

  • Was it a conservative that said it?  Er, no.
  • Was it a TEA Party supporter?  Er, no.
  • Was it a Republican?  Hardly
  • How about someone that holds a public office that is a Republican?  Nope
  • How about a Democrat? Yer gettin’ warm
  • How about a highly placed NH Democrat Party official?  If you said yes, you’re pretty good playing 21 questions (or recognizing the obvious)!
  • Is it a NH Democrat Party official?  Yup
  • Has he ever been called out on it by the NH Democrat Party?

Oof – to my knowledge, only by Paul Hodes.  Seems that the rest of them totally embrace him (eeewww!)

  • Has he ever apologized for his words?

Not to my knowledge, nor of Google.

Video – Not Safe For Work.  Or children.  Or sensitive ears.  Lewd behavior / speech warning.

Again, Ray Buckley, NH Democrat Chair, is, oh, so ever casual, in stating that Hitler should have initiated an action that could have killed thousands of innocent lives in the Hague during World War II.  Is that a decent joke, Harrell?  And no, this is not an infraction of Godwin’s Law – Frankly, Ray Buckley did himself.  Also, frankly, it doesn’t even have to do with The Hague or Hitler.  It IS, however, a demonstration of a very callous attitude exhibited by the head of the NH Democrat Party toward innocents.  That’s no joke.

And the NH Democrats, knowing of the video at the time, still elected this person Chair, prioritizing results over ethics.  It shows the hypocrisy exhibited by you, Harrell,  NH Democrat Presser Harrell Kirstein too.  Hey, Harrell?  What is the official statement by the Democrats on this hate speech?

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