“Bernie Needs to be Ground to a Pulp”


“Re: Friendly advice. No mercy.”

“Bernie needs to be ground to a pulp. We can’t start believing our own primary bulls**t. This is no time to run the general. Crush him as hard as you can.”

“I agree with that in principle. Where would you stick the knife in?”

“Obama betrayer (Wh will affirm). Hapless legislator (Senators/members will affirm). False promiser (policy elites will affirm). Can’t win (black people will affirm).”

Most Damaging Wikileaks.org adds,

Absolutely disparaging comments against Bernie Sanders. Still unsure how ex-Bernie fans can see this, in addition to the proven rigging of the primaries against him, and other incredibly awful comments about his followers and supporters… and NOT be livid at Hillary and her staff.

Not only in this email do they talk badly about Bernie, they specifically say he betrayed Obama, is a terrible legislator, liar, and black people won’t vote for him.

Bernie had to be pulverized because Party movers were “rigging the primary” as early as 2014 and he was threatening the coronation.


“(1) Seeing if we can get MA and VT to push their primaries back, (2) Keep the big blue states (NY, NJ, CA, etc) from moving their primaries earlier and (3) Trying to get LA and WV to join Super Tuesday. As we discussed in NY, keeping the red states early makes sense if she has a primary (as long as there isn’t a primary competitor winning significant AA votes)”

“We agreed that if she gets a significant primary challenger, we need to consider changing course and getting NY, NJ, and maybe others to move their dates earlier to give her hefty early wins….”

“I think there’s organizing benefit to a more open absentee system so we can engage drop off Dems in NV and IA early.”

Most Damaging Wikileaks.org adds,

This was from Robby Mook, Hillary’s future campaign manager back in 2014.

Every internal rule was designed to benefit Hillary Clinton and hurt her possible challengers (read: Bernie Sanders), as early as April 2014. This is a complete rigging of the primary election system on part of the Hillary campaign to an even greater extent we thought possible. It joins an already long list of ways that Hillary’s campaign worked with the DNC to rig the primaries in Hillary’s favor.

Most damaging Wikileaks.org