Top 100 Most Damaging WikiLeaks (So Far)

most-damaging-wikileaksIf you want to find or share the best of the Podesta Email Classics, this is the site for you. It is eponymously named Most Damaging Wikileaks.  It has sorted and synopsized the best of the best (Top 100 most damaging- so far), complete with links to the source material and so on.

They also have a page for New Leaks so that you can verse yourself on the latest likely WikiLeaks digital water-cooler banter. They have other pages, including old leaks, and media collusion. Great site.

Whether you are a blogger, researcher, journalist, Bernie Supporter certain you got screwed (you did), or self-hating Clinton supporter, there’s tons of material to plumb and an almost endless display of organized and cataloged Clinton Corruption.

You thought you knew how dirty the Clintons were, but you were wrong. They are dirtier than you could possibly imagine.