Overthrowing the Age-Old Institution of Property Rights

by Steve MacDonald

larry-arnn- Image- Daily Caller

Larry Arnn- Image: Daily Caller

The most formidable enemies of property rights are formidable precisely because they know better than to separate the issue of property rights from the issue of other freedoms, including freedom of conscience and religious liberty. They know better because they see that human beings are an odd integrity of souls and body.

Marx is clear-sighted about this. He understands that if you like the way the human being is organized–if you like this integrity–then you are going to have to protect it all. And if you do not like it, you are going to have to  uproot it all. Thus he makes clear in the Communist Manifesto that overthrowing the age-old institution of property will involve as well “the most radical rupture with traditional ideas.” If private property is going to be abolished everything will have to be abolished. Marriage and religion are two prominent examples in Marx’s writings.

Larry Arnn – Pres. Hillsdale College
Property rights and Religious Liberty – Imprimis Vol. 44 No. 12


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