Well, I guess I ticked off Treehugger again….banned

Here’s what I left as a comment:

This is one of the really big reasons many on the Right sneer at environmentalists – EVERY problem seems to require getting Government involved to achieve their wants. Make it bigger (hardly ever better) and more intrusive in making the rest of us hew to your idea of what is right.

How about this – how about petitioning the COMPANIES and the growers instead? If it is that great of an idea, wouldn’t it be logical to do that FIRST instead of running to Daddy Govt to spank everyone else?

And even better – you see a problem in the marketplace? Don’t like what is being done? Put your money and time where your mouth is and fill that perceived “void” (in this case, the packaging you want but aren’t getting) in the marketplace by starting your own company and just out-compete everyone else. Why not, if there are just so many darn people who are “demanding” what you want – by your own words, you should be a resounding success (and sincerely, more power to you for having done so).

But remember this – that will be much much harder than, you know, bitching about it some regulators and annoying the rest of us that will have seen yet a choice disappear from our lives because “you don’t need that“.

“You don’t need that” – the tell of Progressives and the intent to use the force of Government to enforce it.  The post I left it at?

Katherine “Feisty Redhead” Martinko has a post over there “Sign this petition to ban plastic packaging for organics“; the part that got me was this:

It’s ridiculous that organic produce in the U.S. comes packaged in far more plastic than conventionally-grown foods. Join the movement to demand greener packaging and zero waste alternatives.

…It’s a strange and infuriating contradiction, that those consumers who are most environmentally and health conscious are the ones who are forced to purchase fruits and vegetables in non-recyclable, single-use packaging, and ultimately end up generating more waste than if they purchased non-organics.

This should not be the case, which is why a group of environmental activists are petitioning the USDA’s National Organics Standards Board (NOSB) and National Organic Program (NOP) to come up with alternative packaging rules.

Now go back and read my comment, written in rebuttal mode.  I ask – why did I get banned (I have, three times, tried to leave the above comment) other than I piqued her anger with a call for a free market  solution to her lament. Oh yeah, it meant work on her part and a punch to the proverbial Progressive nosy nose that just can’t keep out of other peoples’ business.

Or is it a shot against the belief that “Government is the one thing we all belong to”?  Remember:

The Bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen



by Skip

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