Why not, I did the vast majority of my business travel in coach?

“It is tough to ask a guy to travel coach…”

So why should a political hack or flack get first class handling?  There mere statement of that line should tell us plenty about those that would spend other peoples’ money.  Seriously, what is the thinking that a public servant shouldn’t ride with the commoners who pay his salary simply because they are a political hack or flack? At what point, then, should we now start to equate such a Democrat as, oh say, a mere Kardashian or Jenner?  Emphasis mine:

Hillary Clinton supporter Julian Castro’s representative asked a public college to provide first-class travel for the Democrat to give a speech. Castro, the Obama administration’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development who flirted with Clinton running-mate speculation, was mayor of San Antonio when he mopped up some speaking fees with the help of his representatives at the William Morris Agency.

So, let me get this straight – the purpose of a tax payer supported political hack is to graft more taxpayer supported money from a tax payer supported public college?  And live higher on the hog than said tax payers?

NTK Network obtained an email (page 29) from January 2014. Castro’s rep at William Morris sent the message to Ohio State University, where Castro pocketed $15,000 for a speech and another $2,000 for his plane ticket.

One part of the Political Class enriching another part of the Political Class.  I guess that’s now the purpose of our betters because: Hunger Games.

“It is tough to ask a guy to travel coach, can you handle a first class ticket?” Castro’s agent said to the taxpayer-funded college.

And they claim that business people are greedy?  Oh, from the email thread:

As promised, here is the completed Firm Offer for Mayor Castro to come to The Ohio State University to keynote the May 6 National
Conference on Diversity, Race & Learning, in its 20th year. We shall be pleased to receive a contract, at which time it will go through the University’s normal channel of contract signature.

I guess that Diversity always comes at a price – and the tax payer is always the one on the hook

(H/T: 2016: The Race)