NH Democrats For Shawn Jasper


New Hampshire Democrat’s Democrat Renny Cushing is concerned for (Democrat elected) Republican House Speaker Shawn Jasper, and (believe it or not) the integrity of our elections because of how he is being treated during the primary.

I am not going to feed the narrative by those who are attacking you.,” says Cushing (?) and, “We really have to figure out the integrity of our elections.

So, Renny, what is the magic number? How many legal exercises of free speech are supporters of Maggie Hassan or Hillary Clinton or your eventual nominee for governor, or their campaigns, allowed to drop in my mailbox before we must question the integrity of that process and its effect on our elections?

I’m not trying to distract from the obvious. A very liberal Democrat New Hampshire House Rep. is defending the most powerful Republican in that body, from free speech designed to remove him, not just from the seat of power, but from the House entirely.

Republican House Speaker Shawn Jasper’s demise should be the winsome wish of every New Hampshire Democrat. A loss in the primary would create a power vacuum into which Democrats could pour a more appropriate person. Unless of course, there is no more suitable person.


It’s not the money it’s the speech

Renny, like any good Democrat, is concerned about money being spent in an election. In this case, it is money spent to oust Republican House Speaker Jasper. But how much money was spent against then Republican Speaker Bill O’Brien during his reelection? A small fortune, if I recall. Were any Democrats concerned about the integrity of our elections because of that? Of course not.

Are they concerned about the number of calls, or the amount of mail that will be deployed to defeat Kelly Ayotte, or Frank Guinta, or Jim Lawerence, or Donald Trump, or any of a number of Republicans in State Senate races across the state? Not a wink of sleep will be lost on the left and not a drop of ink will be expanded to question Democrats exercising their protected right to free speech, whether funded by individuals, small coalitions, millionaires, billionaires, Super-PACs, or meddling globalists with money to burn.

To Democrats, money, and guns are the same. They love them both, and the more the merrier, as long as they get to decide who has them and how they are used.

Democrats spend billions on political speech every year. But if you direct a dime at political speech they oppose or cannot control, or towards people or issues they support, the integrity of our elections are at risk.

Shawn Jasper helps the Democrats push their agenda. Therefore, this legal exercise of political speech is a threat to the integrity of our elections.

Republican voters in Hudson take note. Shawn Jasper is valuable to New Hampshire Democrats. If you send him back to Concord, he will continue to advance their agenda. Primary him out of office or we all face the consequences.