Men Fight For Liberty

There are three types of rights – Natural, Civil and Political.

Natural Rights are those that are “believed to exist out of the nature of the individual human being, such as Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness“.  These Natural Rights, among others, were espoused in our Declaration of Independence.

The protection of these Natural Rights was codified in the US Constitution;  they were not granted by it.

And, since government doesn’t grant them, it cannot take them away.

Those protections are the primary function of our government (created by the very same Constitution), not education, welfare, driving and building roads, or immigration; those are Civil or Legal rights, not Natural Rights, which can be taken away or adjudicated in a court of law.

Be very wary of people who talk like Hillary Clinton.  Don’t stand for it.  She is lying for the sake of power and influence and she is attacking one of our key Natural Rights – self-defense – in order to assert control over us.

Once a Natural Right is violated by people in our government (once we let them), that protection becomes mere lip service and we are forced fight very, very hard and long to get it back.

For example, gun restrictions at the State level, put in place a long time ago, are unconstitutional and invalid and would be very difficult to eradicate.  We have simply accepted them as de facto.  We have been taught this.  Ask the following question to anyone who scoffs at my notion: “Would you accept having your own State infringe on any of your five First Amendment Natural Rights of speech, religion, press, assembly or petition?”  I bet that nobody you ask, liberal or otherwise sane, would accept this.


Why is it that people accept this local infringement of their Second Amendment Natural Right but not for others?

The Second Amendment was drafted so that we, the sovereign, can defend against any threat to ourselves and our family, including an oppressive government that forgot its place, it’s limits and its duty.  Hillary Clinton and her liberal, Marxist peers know that you cannot completely control a nation by taking away it’s vote, education, or automobiles – you must erase its ability to defend itself from people like her.

Over time, every government has perverted itself towards tyranny.  History shows this pattern, no exceptions.  They are, after all, made up of humans, who are subject to the corruption of power.  It is a constant tension, as natural as the wind.  Whether we passively accept this pattern is entirely up to us.

A majority of our fellow citizens no longer understand their relationship to their government.  We were meant to be the masters but have simply let ourselves become subjected, slowly, over time.

People like the Clintons, who prefer government to be the steward of helpless children rather than the servant and protector of our rights, are very patient and operate incrementally.  They bank on our apathy and acceptance.  They aggressively teach each generation of children to become willing, passive subjects.

So, what other recourse do we have, once government has assumed this much control, more assuming than any minority can tackle, propelled by the culture they have corrupted?

There are many options but, for one, we can remain vigilant, not afraid to loudly preach these principles of Natural Rights and the role of government, suffering the unavoidable personal consequences.  Second, we can vote smartly.  Pay particular attention this week, as we approach our State’s primary election, and do what you can to help the good candidates.

Let’s hope our efforts prevent the third option.