Are Dick Hinch and Shawn Jasper Choosing Sides In Republican House Primary Races?

Shawn Jasper and Dick Hinch with Jeb Bradley
Shawn Jasper and Dick Hinch with Jeb Bradley

I wonder how the “other” incumbent New Hampshire House Reps. from Merrimack feel about this? Dick Hinch, a member of the Merrimack Republican delegation, and House Speaker Shawn Jasper filed an independent expenditure report with the Secretary of State (for the Committee to Elect House Republicans) listing the names of only eight of the thirteen Republicans running in the NH House primary.

None of the Conservative Republicans from Merrimack are listed. Josh Moore, Jeanine Notter, you might want to call your buddy Dick Hinch and give him an earful.

While we’re at it, the Jasper/Hinch RINO Experience is also playing favorites with first-time candidates. John Washburn benefited from an independent expenditure when neither Dan Hynes nor David McCray–both pro-liberty smaller-government Republican primary candidates are listed.

Is that what Merrimack gets by having Dick Hinch in leadership? Partisan primary politics within his own Republican delegation? A caucus like the Democrats have? No dissenters allowed. Toe the progressive line or get run out of office?

And it’s not just my hometown of Merrimack. The Committee spent almost $12,000.00 dollars on these folks. If you live in Bedford, Bow, Derry, Epsom, Hudson, Londonderry, Pelham, or Raymond, you’ll find some of your reps on this list. It’s a whos-who of RINO incumbents from eight southern New Hampshire towns.

And how unusual is this? Why are Dick Hinch and Shawn Jasper spending NH House Republican PAC money to pick winners and losers in Republican primaries? Should we expect more of this from Speaker Jasper and his progressive Hinchman?

Whatever the deal is, I leave it up to you to decide whether or not to feel thankful that the Progressive House RINO Leadership has red flagged these reps for you.

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