60 Seconds with Mike Rogers

by Steve MacDonald

Mike Rogers begins to sketch out some comparisons between the Establishment reaction to the campaigns of Trump and Goldwater.

Listen to Podcast #160 for the complete interview or watch for her segment later today.

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  • Radical Moderate

    One more point on Vietnam;
    This was one of the first times the MSM was used to shape the political direction of our country. It was Walter Cronkite that instigated the American public to demand a premature withdrawal. If that filthy Communist sympathizer Cronkite had been arrested for treason along with the news editor that approved his news transcript we would have taught those MSM corporate vermin a lesson. They never would have been elevated to the position of control they are in today.
    One major point on the Trump / Goldwater issue;
    There was still the possibility that the Republicans could attain the presidency after Goldwater lost. There was time.
    Unfortunately this time around with Trump, if he fails to win there is no possibility that a Republican will ever be elected again.
    This is the end game.

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