Mariel E. Brown-Fallon – Low-Life Bernie Sanders Vote Thief

Mariel Brown Fallon - lowlife- vote thiefRemember cutting edge gender studies genius Mariel Brown-Fallon who was using a faked address in Manchester to steal your 2016 NH Primary vote? (She used to be a Congressional aid!)

Mariel mailed some fake mail to her fake address in Manchester so she could use the fake address to vote for her beloved Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire.

Bernie suffered from some election shenanigans himself recently at the hands of the Democrat National Committee. How fitting that some of Ray Buckley’s DNC pals helped steal an election from Bernie Sanders. Hillary must be even more indebted to Raybo.

Back to Little Miss Gender Studies. Even the likes of a writer John Fund can see that Mariel was a vote thief. Fund promotes himself as an exposer of voter fraud and does little else than capitalize on others investigations. But here is an example of what a serious voter fraud investigation looks like in the real world. Undercover journalist and a hero to Coalition of NH Taxpayers, James O’Keefe, puts a camera where John Fund’s pen is.

Mariel Brown-Fallon, a low life, dirt ball, vote thief from Massachusetts is presumably out looking for a new job after working on the Sanders sinking ship of fools. I would hope this article finds its way to any potential employers who have a shred of respect for clean elections – unlike the NH Attorney General’s Office.

If I can help keep Mariel Brown-Fallon from landing a respectable position after coming to NH to steal my vote, I am a registered since 2005 Democrat, by the way. I will have done more to combat voter fraud in this state than the NH AG or Secretary of State Bill Gardner has since at least 2000.

And if Mariel “Vote Thief” Brown-Fallon winds up looking for work in any other state I am working with to expose voter fraud – let the same rules apply.